Low Start: Learning To Run By All The Rules (video)

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Low Start: Learning To Run By All The Rules (video)
Low Start: Learning To Run By All The Rules (video)

Video: Low Start: Learning To Run By All The Rules (video)

Video: Low Start: Learning To Run By All The Rules (video)
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Summer weather beckons to the park ─ to run along familiar paths. But you shouldn't rush. First, learn how to do a warm-up that will prepare your ligaments and joints for running and help you tune in for a distance. Specially for Marie Claire, TV presenter Lera Dergileva, together with the NRC trainer, prepared a set of exercises that will reduce the risk of injury. Let's start right now.

Correct warm-up before running:

  1. We rotate the leg at the ankle joint.
  2. Let's take the leg to the side, thus working out the pelvic area.
  3. We rotate the body in the pelvic area.
  4. We rotate the arms in the shoulder joint.
  5. Stretching the muscles of the shoulder girdle (arms are straightened).
  6. We perform side bends with stretching the arms.
  7. We make a "mill" with straight legs.
  8. We put straight legs a little wider, arms to the sides ─ take the pelvis back and lower the body, swaying up and down.
  9. We sit on the lunge and make light up and down movements.
  10. From the lunge, we straighten both legs, pulling the body to the one in front.
  11. We make swinging movements with one leg back and forth (repeat with the other leg).

After the race, take the time to spend 5 minutes and cool down to relax and stretch your muscles and help them recover faster.

  1. Pull the leg to the chest, clasping it under the knee ─ stretch the gluteal muscles and ankle away from ourselves and towards ourselves.
  2. We pull the leg to the back of the body, bring the pelvis slightly forward ─ stretch the front surface of the thigh.
  3. We put our legs tightly together one after the other, hands away from ourselves into the lock ─ we stretch ourselves forward and with slight tilts we go down lower and lower each time.
  4. We put a straight leg in front of us on the heel, stretch the body along the leg ─ the toe towards ourselves, the supporting leg is slightly bent. Repeat with the other leg.
  5. Take a deep breath ─ raise your hands through the sides and stretch out.

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