13 Tips To Protect Your Face, Body And Hair From UV Light

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13 Tips To Protect Your Face, Body And Hair From UV Light
13 Tips To Protect Your Face, Body And Hair From UV Light

Video: 13 Tips To Protect Your Face, Body And Hair From UV Light

Video: 13 Tips To Protect Your Face, Body And Hair From UV Light
Video: How UV Rays Damage Skin 2023, March


Do not save

It is a big mistake to save sunscreen, making do with a subtle minimum (especially if the product is expensive). However, its excess does not guarantee happiness either. For reliable protection, you will need a very specific amount of funds - a ball the size of a five-ruble coin. Apply it 20 before going out into the sun, so that the chemical filter in its composition has time to "turn on" and the cream starts to work.

Look for the correct letters

Ignorance of the markings on the packaging does not exempt from liability. In any case, choose broad-spectrum sunscreens that promise UVB and UVA protection (abbreviations should be shown on the packaging). Each season pleases us with new cosmetic novelties. For example, a couple of years ago new products appeared that can be applied directly to damp skin, and this summer there were many new products with a matting effect.

Keep a stick in your purse

Today the need for sun creams is as obvious as a red burnt nose on the face when this simple rule is ignored. It is he who needs to be given special attention. The skin in this capricious area tends to be greasy, so the sunscreen's effects wear off rather quickly. In high-risk areas, sticks traditionally work well. They are convenient to use without attracting too much attention to yourself (and they are easy to always keep close at hand).

Protect yourself always

Cloudy days in summer are not a reason to do without a day cream with SPF. Moreover, it is in such weather that the rays of the A spectrum are especially dangerous, causing serious diseases and contributing to skin aging.

Consult your doctor

High blood pressure medications, hormonal birth control pills, and antibiotics increase the sensitivity of tissues to the sun and increase the risk of burns and sunburn. If you travel to hot regions, but you continue to take medications, be sure to choose products with the highest SPF (at least 30 or more).

Soothe your skin

Sometimes in the sun, the face becomes covered with red spots. This is not so much a burn as microinflammation ─ a specific reaction to ultraviolet light ─ which is quite easy to remove. It is enough to take a capsule of evening primrose oil, pierce it and apply the contents to clean skin overnight. Thanks to the high content of essential gamma-linolenic acid, which restores the water barrier and reduces redness, in the morning there will be no trace of annoying problems.



Chill in time

If you feel like you're on the verge of heatstroke, consider soft drinks: ice cold Diet Coke can be a good cooling agent. Let's reassure the adherents of a healthy lifestyle: you don't have to drink it. It is enough to put the jar on the back of your neck and wait until it gets warmer. It is the neck that sets the tone for the blood flow, so it is in this area that it is important to lower the temperature in the first place.

Use thermal water

Sprinkle thermal water not only on your face, but also on your body: it will make the most powerful thermoregulator - your skin - work in full force. It works as follows: part of the liquid is absorbed instantly and lowers the blood temperature in the moist area. The mineral fountain is best directed at the heart rate areas: neck, inner knees, back of the wrists.

Treat burns correctly

If you do burn out, your skin needs urgent help. First of all, cool the burned area: take a cool shower or apply a wet cold compress (avoid ice, as it can only worsen skin damage). Then the burn site can be treated with a regenerating and healing agent, which accelerates the skin regeneration process and restores its protective barrier, soothes, has anti-inflammatory effect and prevents the development of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. These products usually contain panthenol and thermal water. Do not use ointments and powders, as the temperature of the burnt tissue decreases much more slowly under them. Also, do not lubricate the burn with cologne or alcohol - this can cause painful shock.

Forget about peeling

Soon after the skin has calmed down, the peeling phase begins. Trying to help her with exfoliation is the worst thing you can do in this situation. You will have to endure, no matter how unaesthetic the appearance, and let it all take its course: let the scales exfoliate naturally, and concentrate on keeping your skin well hydrated with products containing ceramides.



Discipline split ends

A mixture of salt and bleach is what makes the hair look like straw. To cover up damage, take a styling cream or waxy hair pomade and apply to the ends of your strands. This - in every sense of the word - will smooth the situation. And after a "hot vacation", arrange a spa ritual for your head and go through a serious restorative course ─ now in the salons you can find treatment programs for any budget.

Maintain color

The strands playing with sun glare are still one of the fashionable hair trends, but the faded and bleached strands are "move tone". Therefore, do not forget about tint shampoos. The purple color neutralizes unwanted warm tones, while the gold pigment removes the unpleasant green sheen that often manifests itself after interaction with the mineral salts of the pool water.

Use a protective spray

When going to the beach or the pool, spray your hair with a spray with UV filters: then they will not, like a sponge, absorb salt and chlorinated water. After returning to your hotel or apartment, rinse your hair well and apply a cosmetic oil to the hair to restore its vitality.

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