We Eat And Fly: What Products Will Help To Transfer The Flight

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We Eat And Fly: What Products Will Help To Transfer The Flight
We Eat And Fly: What Products Will Help To Transfer The Flight

Video: We Eat And Fly: What Products Will Help To Transfer The Flight

Video: We Eat And Fly: What Products Will Help To Transfer The Flight
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The fear of flying, the excitement of the road, the fear of forgetting something, and not doing something - all this is stress that badly affects the functioning of the digestive system. Arriving on a business trip or on vacation, you come to your senses for a long time and try to establish digestion. Problems can be avoided if you become a vegan at least for a while: nutritionists have already noted that it is people who choose plant foods that tolerate long flights well and do not suffer from stomach problems after landing.

Alena Zlobina, founder and ideological mastermind of the "Taste & Color" project, told how to eat properly on the plane ─ in accordance with the "vegetable" principles.

Preparing the body for travel


It is worth taking care of your health even before the flight. Before you start packing your suitcase, try rebuilding your power system. This is important to help the body cope with the stress of the flight. And what exactly is stress?

As a rule, the air on board is very dry and it is much more difficult to breathe than on the ground. During the flight, there are constant pressure drops, and even people who have a hardened vestibular apparatus can go numb and dizzy.

Correct "pre-flight" nutrition will help to saturate the blood with oxygen and get rid of these unpleasant sensations, or at least reduce them.

If you eat in a classical way in everyday life, then 4-5 days before the flight, give up meat, fish, dairy products, bread, exclude everything fried / spicy / salty and forget about the existence of coffee and alcohol for a while.

Dishes made from seasonal fruits and vegetables, such as baked vegetables, various salads, will help support the digestive system. The phrase "we travel light" in this case can be attributed to our stomach - do not overload it.

Lunch on board


Major airlines have the option of choosing meals on the plane, but this must be done in advance. By the way, passengers who have chosen their lunch in advance are brought it first. If you did not take this chance (or the airline does not have such a service), then you will be served standard chicken / beef / fish with a side dish (cereals, pasta, vegetables), buttered bun, cold cuts and salad. To choose the right vegetarian set, follow the following abbreviations.

  • The abbreviation VJML means no meat, fish or dairy products. Vegetables, fruits, cereals and nuts are waiting for you.
  • For lacto-vegetarians who are not against eggs and milk, there are VLML kits, where there is no fish and meat, but eggs and cheese may be.
  • VGML is suitable for strict adherents of vegetarianism: there are only fruits and vegetables and not a hint of animal products.
  • For vegetarians-lovers of the East, there are VOML sets, where you can find aromatic dishes of oriental cuisine.
  • The Asian Vegetarian Menu (AVML) features a fruit and vegetable diet and some dairy products.
  • For followers of fruitarianism, there is FPML, where fresh fruits are exclusively loved.
  • Raw foodists can choose RVML, where all vegetables are uncooked.
  • A stricter version of the dietary food - BLML ─ consists of steamed vegetables, no spices or oils.

The most useful thing is with you


If the flight takes a little time, or the airline is small (or economical), there may be no food on board at all. In this case, it is better to stock up on a healthy snack in advance. It is better to take with you foods that do not go bad without a refrigerator, quickly saturate and do not leave heaviness in the stomach.

  • Fruit. The main condition is that they should be easy to clean without tools and not get your hands dirty. Apples, pears, bananas, grapes will do.
  • Vegetables. Favorite vegetables can be peeled at home and cut into convenient strips: bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, celery, radishes. All of this can be stowed away in a glass with a lid or an airtight lunchbox.
  • Crisps. We are, of course, not talking about industrial options, but about veg-raw chips made from vegetables, fruits and even greens. This is a great option for a travel snack. They are lightweight, do not take up much space and are easy to eat on the go.
  • Travel goodies. Nuts and favorite dried fruits will be great companions on the plane. And if you have time, you can prepare yourself raw candy or a vegan sandwich in advance. In an airtight jar, it is easy to make a dessert based on almond (coconut) milk, chia seeds and oatmeal.

We advise you to cook:

Eggplant sandwich



Yeast-free bread - 2 slices

Pink tomato - 1 pc.

Eggplant - ½ pc.


Pesto Sauce


Cut the eggplant into small rings and fry in a pan on both sides, add salt and pepper to taste. Grease slices of bread with Pesto sauce. Put tomato rings, lettuce and eggplant rings on one part, cover with the second piece of bread. You can grill the sandwich on both sides and cut diagonally.

Shock-ball sweets


Ingredients (for 15 candies)

Pumpkin seeds - 200 g.

Dates (pitted) - 100 g.

Ground cinnamon - 1 pinch

Walnut (peeled) - 50 g.

Carob glaze - 75 g.

For glaze (75 g):

Cocoa butter - 50 g

Unroasted carob - 17 g

Cocoa powder - 16 g.


Put the pumpkin seeds in a blender and grind. Add dates and cinnamon, scroll until smooth. We form balls from the resulting mass, insert skewers into them and send them to the freezer for thirty minutes. Grind the walnuts in a blender until crumbs.

Prepare the glaze: combine the melted cocoa butter with cocoa powder and carob sifted through a sieve, beat with a whisk until smooth. We dip the frozen sweets in liquid icing and sprinkle with nut crumbs to cool the icing - send the balls to the refrigerator.


Alena Zlobina
Alena Zlobina

Alena Zlobina

Photo: Getty Images, Press Services Archive

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