Not Recommended: 10 Internet Beauty Hacks To Avoid

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Not Recommended: 10 Internet Beauty Hacks To Avoid
Not Recommended: 10 Internet Beauty Hacks To Avoid

Video: Not Recommended: 10 Internet Beauty Hacks To Avoid

Video: Not Recommended: 10 Internet Beauty Hacks To Avoid
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Even inveterate lovers of everything ready-made and "turnkey beauty" love a good DIY (the concept of Do It Yourself, that is, "do it yourself"). Of course, there is something funny in figuring out a face mask from the available tools, and especially from what is in the fridge: avocado, yogurt, cucumbers … What can we say about the magic of apple cider vinegar for dull hair!

To be honest, I never understood the charm of “food cosmetics”. Perhaps there is some benefit from such manipulations, but the organization of the process itself makes me despondent. Mix, apply on the face or hair, drip this mixture throughout the apartment, scare away pets and gape of relatives, kill with the smell of insects, then wash off the incomprehensible liquid for a long, long time, stain the towels with "food debris" and wash the sink and bath for at least a long time. stuck oatmeal or bread crumbs … The Internet is replete with recipes and secrets of "man-made beauty". Some of them are quite harmless and generally useless, but others can get out of control and even cause harm. Here are ten tricks that shouldn't be repeated.

Use coconut oil to moisturize your face

No one disputes that coconut oil is a thing. You can continue to cook on it, rub it into your hair and dry parts of the body, but use it as a moisturizer for your face … No, no, no. If you want to clog the pores so that later you have to open them almost with a corkscrew, then you can take a chance. As a bonus to this natural hydration, inflammation and increased dryness are added. Is it worth the risk? Moreover, when there is an alternative.

Preparatory moisturizing lotion HydrSparkling, Givenchy

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Cleanse skin with lemon juice

Even a drop of lemon juice "knits" your mouth. Now imagine how your skin will react to interaction with these super acidic juices. Remember, they are too aggressive. Even worse, if you're on the “sunny side of the street,” they can cause a chemical reaction that can lead to rashes, severe burns, or age spots that are very, very difficult to deal with. So we leave lemons for tea, and for peeling we take something no less effective, but more delicate.

Nightly micro-peeling, accelerating skin renewal Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate, Kiehl's

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Peel with sugar, salt or soda

Three more things that fall into the category "good for the body, but not for the face." The granules commonly used in DIY exfoliating scrubs can have rough and uneven edges, or just be too harsh for sensitive skin, leaving it red and irritated. A softer, more gentle way to make your skin glow is to rub it lightly in circular motions with a soft washcloth while cleansing. And if you add one of the modern belongings, then the result will be much better.

Brightening face scrub evening skin tone, Swiss Image

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Apply toothpaste on rashes

It's hard to believe it, but such a life hack still occupies a leading line in the ratings. Of course, toothpaste can dry out acne thanks to ingredients like baking soda and peroxide. But chances are good that it can also leave the area around the inflammation more red and irritated. In fact, in people who brush their teeth as hard as they can, the paste can cause tiny red and flaky areas around the lips. The toothpaste is for dental care, not for skin treatment. Compact and convenient preparations against pinpoint inflammation do a good job with acne.

Point cream with Centella extract CentellScar Ointment Rose, PureHeals

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Make a "lifting" mask from egg whites

This “secret” of tightening the skin has been known for a long time. Do you know what else has been known for ages? Salmonella is a bacterium that causes a number of dangerous diseases. Lifting creams do the same thing with tissues, but with absolutely no health risks. Not to mention, the smell of a raw egg and the spreading goo are just awful.

Nourishing lifting cream NUTRI-FILLER, FILORG

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Use a diaper rash cream

No, no one disputes that this cream is suitable for spot use. It is full of soothing and anti-inflammatory zinc oxide and is designed to treat redness on the most sensitive skin. But you need to clearly understand that the composition of such products is not limited to this. Diaper rash creams usually also contain occlusive ingredients such as mineral and other oils, paraffin wax, and synthetic beeswax that you might not want to apply to your face, especially if your skin is prone to acne. Each tool should work in the place for which it is intended and it is not worth reinventing the wheel and conducting unnecessary experiments.

Soothing and moisturizing cream for sensitive skin FORCE VITALE AQUA-CALM, SWISS LINE

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Matting the skin with deodorant

Blogs of "thrifty" users of cosmetics in all seriousness teach this little feminine trick - "walk" over the face with deodorant to remove excess shine. It is difficult to imagine anything more savage and merciless in relation to our skin. Antiperspirant blocks sweat, not sebum production, so at best, it is pointless, and at worst, it is fraught with the same inflammation. If you are in desperate need of matting, and there is no time to run to the store for primaries or powder, then here is a more suitable hack for you - matting napkins.

Foundation Bourjois Air Mat, Bourjois Paris

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Apply glue to blackheads

Yes, you can go for almost anything in the fight against acne, but while the glue may not be toxic (school glue, after all, is made for children), it irritates the skin in a way that little else can. Instead of taking risks, talk to your dermatologist about Rx retinoid, which, unlike glue, actually sticks to dirty pores and cleans them up.

Facial Cleansing Gel AquReotier, L'OCCITANE

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"Tone" the skin with alcohol lotions

This is a nuclear version of tonics that will not go into the distant dark past (and it would be high time). It destroys sebum as well as all moisture in the skin, leaving it tight, dry, and most likely irritated. You need to understand that dehydration is a much more serious problem than a slight shine on the face. These are already premature wrinkles and a rapid loss of elasticity. Moreover, it is possible that in response to such aggression, the tissues will respond with an even greater production of sebum.

Cleansing tonic Vinopure, Caudalie

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Apply makeup with hairspray

He “holds” your hair, so why not entrust him with another responsibility and use the polish as a finishing spray for your makeup? The answer is irritation, dryness, peeling … And also savagery, danger to the eyes, smell and half of the periodic table on the face. Perhaps the would-be advisers do not know, but translucent powder and cosmetic fixing sprays were invented long ago, which are really created for the face.

Spray for fixing makeup All-Nighter Pollution Protection, Urban Decay

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