Dance And Lose Weight, Or What Is "zumba Fitness"

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Dance And Lose Weight, Or What Is "zumba Fitness"
Dance And Lose Weight, Or What Is "zumba Fitness"

Video: Dance And Lose Weight, Or What Is "zumba Fitness"

Video: Dance And Lose Weight, Or What Is "zumba Fitness"
Video: Zumba Dance Workout for weight loss 2023, March

You can get real pleasure from classes and get rid of extra pounds accompanied by fiery Latin American music. Zumba is a dynamic mix of fast and slow rhythms, muscle building exercises and cardio. Valery Zaitseva, a licensed instructor of the ZumbFitness program of the Taste & Color project, tells how to put her in the service of a beautiful figure.

Originally from Colombia

Zumba was born spontaneously, like a warm wind that suddenly appears in complete calm and gives liveliness to the sea coast. It's just that once the choreographer Alberto Perez forgot to take a disc with his usual music with him to class, and in order not to cancel the workout, he took and put on the first cassette he came across. It was a collection of Latin American hits of rumba and samba. To combine the movements with incendiary music, the mentor added elements of Latin American dancing to the standard fitness exercises - this is how zumba was born.

In translation, zumba means "to be a little tipsy", which fully reflects the essence of training - a colossal charge of positive energy.

Zumba for health: the effect of classes

During this dynamic dance, almost 90% of the muscles are involved, and the most intense effect is on the lower torso. So, if you want to tighten your hips, buttocks and leg muscles - this fitness is for you. In just an hour, you can lose 600 calories.

Zumba movements help develop plasticity and coordination of movements. Latin American rhythms are quite dynamic, and during an intense workout, the maximum fat burning occurs, and the volumes disappear before our eyes. Zumba is also suitable for everyone who wants to pump up the body (and not build muscle mass) and achieve a beautiful relief without unnecessary deposits. This dance fitness is also a great helper for the heart. During exercise, it is important to breathe correctly ─ this allows you to saturate the blood with oxygen and exercise the heart muscle.

Zumba - fitness party

These workouts are a lot like having fun parties with your best friends, so you don't even feel aerobic or strength training during your workout. Anyone can master the dance, because the basic movements are quite simple and very easy to remember. After that, you can combine elements and come up with combinations, and here you already need to listen to your body and try to experiment.

Each workout is fun, good mood, energy and positive.

Zumba is constantly developing new directions: there are exercises with dumbbells stuffed with sand, there is a zumba in the water, a zumba with Pilates elements, sometimes it is combined with oriental dances - an option for those who want to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and hips. There is always a choice, the main thing is the desire to come to class.

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