What Beauty Procedures To Ask Santa Claus As A Gift

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What Beauty Procedures To Ask Santa Claus As A Gift
What Beauty Procedures To Ask Santa Claus As A Gift

Video: What Beauty Procedures To Ask Santa Claus As A Gift

Video: What Beauty Procedures To Ask Santa Claus As A Gift
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Many modern cosmetic manipulations do not require restoration, and already at the exit from the beautician's office you see perfect skin. Cosmetologist, head of the BRAV image clinic Yulia Kulik tells which of them are the most effective. So, the 6 most important pre-holiday procedures.

# 1 Chemical peel PRX-T33

This innovative cleansing method has a pronounced anti-aging effect and is absolutely harmless to the skin. The procedure has no rehabilitation period and no noticeable consequences (irritation, peeling, redness). After such peeling, the skin does not become more sensitive to sunlight, which means that it can be used at any time of the year.

The composition includes three substances that mutually reinforce each other's action:

  • Trichloroacetic acid - thoroughly cleanses pores, improves elasticity, kills harmful bacteria that provoke acne, fights inflammation;
  • hydrogen peroxide is a strong antiseptic; upon contact with the skin, it releases a large amount of oxygen, which saturates cells and mechanically removes impurities;
  • Kojic acid - inhibits the production of melanin, which helps to lighten the skin, remove pigmentation, freckles, acne marks and even small scars and scars.

# 2 Carboxytherapy

The subcutaneous injection of carbon dioxide is recommended for those who want to rejuvenate the skin, but do not like injections and generally have a negative attitude towards surgical intervention. The essence of the method is to saturate the deep layers of the epidermis with carbon dioxide, which the body perceives as an acute lack of oxygen in the cells and activates blood circulation. As a result, the regeneration processes are accelerated, the synthesis of collagen and elastin is started, the skin tone improves, dark circles and even small scars after acne disappear.


# 3 Outline Gel Liquid Mesothreads

Liquid mesothreads are a new product in comparison with classical ones, but they have already proved their effectiveness. Like the classic ones, they are shown to eliminate wrinkles, improve facial contours, and give elasticity to aging skin. Liquid mesothread consists of two components: hyaluronic acid (stimulates the production of collagen, moisturizes the skin, restores its beautiful natural color) and zinc (exhibits antioxidant properties). Liquid mesothreads injected into the dermis form fibrosis: in the areas of injections, the connective tissue becomes thicker, as a result of which the skin is stretched and a lifting effect is created (it is called bio-reinforcement). The procedure allows you to get rid of mimic and dynamic wrinkles, restore the tone of flaccid and dry skin.

# 4 Mesobotox

Another must-have innovation before the New Year is mesobotox, which combines all the benefits of Botox, but does not affect the activity of facial muscles. Mesobotox is a procedure for injecting the same botulinum toxin as in classical Botox, but it is not injected intramuscularly, but subcutaneously. In this case, the number of injections becomes larger, and the volume of the drug becomes smaller. If ordinary Botox is injected into the facial muscle, then the mesobotox enters the skin muscles, which practically do not affect the mobility of the face. Thus, mesobotox allows you to get rid of pronounced wrinkles using very small doses of botulinum toxin and preserving natural facial expressions.

# 5 Laser hair removal with CandelGentleLase Pro

The beauty industry has long recognized the CandelGentleLase Pro alexandrite laser as the "gold standard" for hair removal. The high power of the device allows you to reduce the number of procedures and intensify the impact on the treated area. As a result, even after one session, the hairs become thinner and weaker, their growth slows down. Perfectly smooth, well-groomed skin is the best gift for the New Year. Especially if it is an absolutely painless procedure that has practically no rehabilitation period. Even if redness or swelling occurs after hair removal, they disappear within 30 minutes.

Benefits of the procedure:

  • the device has a dynamic cooling system for the treated area, which eliminates the possibility of burns;
  • thanks to effective cooling, you can increase the power of the beam for better epilation;
  • after the first sessions, hair growth stops for about 2 months, and after a full course it stops completely.

# 6 Permanent Apply BB Ideal Skin

When all the basic procedures are done, we complete the renewal course by applying the BB Ideal Skin serum, which will allow you to forget about the foundation for a while. The tinted composition will save both time and makeup, as it will keep your skin perfect and smooth for a whole year. The essence of the method consists in injecting a stable and safe pigment composition containing hyaluronic acid under the skin (more precisely, into the upper layers of the dermis). The composition is evenly distributed through the nano-needles, fills in irregularities and makes your face truly radiant.

The composition has a toning effect and allows you to achieve several goals:

  • eliminates pigmentation, freckles, uneven tone;
  • smoothes small defects, removes small wrinkles;
  • intensely moisturizes and smoothes the skin;
  • reduces the severity of rosacea;
  • relieves post acne.

The permanent tone is matched to the skin color, so the toning looks natural and beautiful. To keep it even, it is recommended to repeat the session with the beautician twice a year.


Yulia Kulik
Yulia Kulik

Yulia Kulik

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