How To Restore Radiance To The Skin?

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How To Restore Radiance To The Skin?
How To Restore Radiance To The Skin?

Video: How To Restore Radiance To The Skin?

Video: How To Restore Radiance To The Skin?
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"Hello. I hate my skin color - in my opinion, yellowish-gray, dull. The rest is good: moisturized, without pigments, without acne and oily sheen. Many people think that at 42 I look 35. And this is without going to the beautician (I have never been), but what to do with a dull gray color?"

Irina, 42

Cosmetologist's answer

The radiance of the skin is a sign of its biological youth and an indicator of the overall health of the body. A greyish-yellow complexion can occur for several reasons, ranging from digestive problems, disruptions in the endocrine system (for example, with hypothyroidism), with the wrong daily routine, lack of sleep, lack of fresh air, improper facial care … and ending with smoking, including number passive. In the fight against this problem, it is important to act in parallel: simultaneously get rid of traces of fatigue and return freshness to the face. The options can be as follows.

Injection cosmetology:

  • Plasma therapy or PRP-therapy (injection of enriched plasma): due to its own active platelets, all metabolic processes in the skin are stimulated, including improved blood microcirculation.
  • Mesotherapy (injection of cocktails based on biologically active substances): the case when elimination and improvement go hand in hand. For the "healthier" complexion, I would recommend the cocktail NCTF135 (it contains vitamins, trace elements, amino acids) and peptide biomodulators such as Mesoxantin and AquashineBR.


If you need a quick effect, then the PQ AGE EVOLUTION peeling procedure with peptides or Jet Peel (hardware gas-liquid peeling) shows good results

Hardware techniques:

  • If the course of injections (the correctly selected type of peptide preparation) is supplemented with laser resurfacing on light parameters (which will not entail serious rehabilitation), then the ideal complexion can be achieved quite quickly (and for a long time). In this case, grinding will not only have a superficial effect, but also affect the thickness of the stratum corneum, which in itself will also improve the complexion. The smoother the skin, the better it reflects light.
  • Fractional radio lifting procedure (Matrix RF) perfectly improves complexion and improves the quality of the skin. It is better to do it in the autumn-winter period in order to accelerate rehabilitation, as well as double the effect with the subsequent use of peptide serums.
Julia Chebotareva
Julia Chebotareva

Julia Chebotareva

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