7 Essential Steps In Facial Skin Care From 30 To 40

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7 Essential Steps In Facial Skin Care From 30 To 40
7 Essential Steps In Facial Skin Care From 30 To 40

Video: 7 Essential Steps In Facial Skin Care From 30 To 40

Video: 7 Essential Steps In Facial Skin Care From 30 To 40
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In a fog of career ups, bridal gowns, and Pinterest-worthy baby showers, you've somehow found yourself here in a full-fledged thirty-something. Free time and sleep on the brink of extinction - especially if these "showers" were in your honor. And now the skin already feels sluggish, as the rate of cell renewal decreases, dullness appears, and "the production of collagen and elastin falls, preparing the ground for wrinkles," as dermatologists unanimously say (fortunately, the decrease in collagen production occurs gradually - by about one percent in year ─ and yet you want to deal with it now).

Hormones continue to fluctuate, especially if your body is in its childbearing period, which means acne and age spots are quite possible. And all of a sudden, the skin may appear drier and more sensitive. To deal with all this, you will have to tread carefully. What is the best way to do this?

Step 1. Include a serum in your skincare routine if you haven't already

Of course, this is an additional step, but it should not be neglected. Lightweight formulas often contain powerful ingredients and, because they are made up of small molecules, can penetrate deeper into the skin than a regular moisturizer. An antioxidant serum may not help you balance your work and personal life, but what it does incredibly well is it neutralizes free radicals from environmental stress and environmental stress. Look towards serums with vitamins C and E, collagen, retinol and hyaluronic acid.

Serum with a vitamin complex and antioxidants Eau Thermale A-Oxitive Antioxidant Defense Serum, Avene

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Step 2. Add essence, eliminate irritants

Have you been looking forward to the legendary glow of the skin of the face, which, as they say, accompanies the "interesting position", but did not think about peeling and itching? “During pregnancy, the skin loses moisture more easily and absorbs everything better, since the hormone progesterone expands blood vessels, increasing sensitivity,” says dermatologist Elena Shipulina. But even if you don't join the ranks of moms in your thirties, “many women develop rosacea during this period, their lives have stress, physical activity, the wrong food and the wrong drinks,” she continues.

So your motto in skin care should be the phrase: "Calm, only calm!" Set aside all foamy skin cleansers by switching to oils and micellar water, and avoid products “rich” in fragrances and preservatives (also read: Blacklist: 7 ingredients that harm the skin). At the same time, take a closer look at the essences, which not only serve as conductors of various "benefits", but also provide tissues with additional moisture, nutrition and softening.

Essence with thermal plankton, evening skin tone and strengthening its protective functions Life Plankton Essence, Biotherm

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Step 3. Use peeling discs twice a week

Previously, peels were only used as a means of preventing acne (and this was excusable). “Now we are talking about activating cell renewal, and you really have to do this twice a week to keep your skin fresh and vibrant,” says cosmetologist Svetlana Lifshits. Exposure to sensitive tissues with acid may seem paradoxical (and even extreme), but in fact, a mild chemical peel normalizes the waterproofing layer of the skin, thus it begins to better retain water and protect itself from possible damage. And, yes, the same acids can still unclog pores to help prevent acne. Look for discs that are balanced with a cocktail of acids with powerful antioxidants and serious soothing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, squalane, and rose water.

Three-layer peeling discs with lemon extract Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon, Neogen Dermology

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Step 4. Think about brightening products

Ask what question number one torments women in "thirty-something", and dermatologists will amicably and loudly answer: "Pigmentation!" Whether it's in the form of the effects of "sunbathing too long," or acne marks, or the appearance of excess black pigment in the skin that appears during hormonal disruption, it is imperative that you combat this problem without further irritating your skin. In practice, this could mean moving away from the gold standard for clarification - hydroquinone - in favor of plant-based options such as arbutin, kojic acid, vitamin C, licorice, soy and linolenic acid. If you see these brightening ingredients in peeling discs and sunscreens, that's definitely good, but experts still advise using them in a concentrated serum form.

Serum-corrector, blocking the spread of melanin, Clarifying Touch, Valmont

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Step 5. Help Your Skin Increase Young Collagen Production

On the path to smooth, wrinkle-free skin, there is no better help than retinoids. As a bonus, these vitamin A creams also control pigments and acne (read also: "Theory and Practice: Caring for Oily and Dry Skin with Acne") - but they can provoke short-term flaking and redness (and they are absolutely forbidden during pregnancy and breastfeeding). So choose creams with retinol and use them exclusively as night care. A safe and non-irritating alternative is peptides that stimulate the immune response in order to repair and increase collagen levels in tissues over time.

Retinol cream Redermic R, LRoche-Posay, is highly effective without irritating the skin

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Step 6. Watch the eye area

The need for an eye cream is now undeniable, as this vulnerable area is the first where wrinkles appear during the third decade of life. This is the very moment when many women first come to clinics for injections of hyaluronic acid "under the eyes". Whether you trust the syringe or not, be sure to start using the eye cream twice a day. Buy creams containing peptides, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants to remove dark circles from your face and fill in under-eye cavities. To combat edema, caffeine-containing products are suitable with roller fingering, which activate blood circulation, provide lymphatic drainage, disperse congestion and tighten the skin.

Anti-aging cream for the eye area Re-Plasty Pro Filler in Blur, HelenRubinstein

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Step 7. Resolve weekly mask issues

Now masks work faster, gentler and more efficiently than ever (and some even solve problems while you sleep). Relieve seasonal attacks of tight and itchy skin with a lipid rich mask. A good solution is to alternate between different products: for an immediate effect after a sleepless night, use targeted disposable masks (tightening, refreshing, improving complexion), and to maintain the quality of the skin, use cream masks with anti-aging ingredients.

Serum mask made of biocellulose membrane with an incredible concentration of active ingredients Serum en Masque KenzoKi, Kenzo

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