32 Tips From Irina Turchinskaya For Weight Correction

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32 Tips From Irina Turchinskaya For Weight Correction
32 Tips From Irina Turchinskaya For Weight Correction

Video: 32 Tips From Irina Turchinskaya For Weight Correction

Video: 32 Tips From Irina Turchinskaya For Weight Correction
Video: Ирина Турчинская как накачать пресс. Часть 1 2023, March

1. No need to make excuses: "I have wide bones", "poor metabolism";

2. No need to look for a reason for inaction ("no time", "sport is expensive");

3. Don't be afraid to voice the problem. Accept yourself. Make you like yourself, approve of yourself;

4. Stop creating a cult out of food. Realize how much food you need to be slim, and how much food you get better;

5. There are no strict prohibitions and definitely correct food;

6. Write down your intentions and objectives. Analyze your own mistakes;

7. Set realistic goals. Soberly assess how much time a day you are ready to devote to doing yourself;

8. Announce your plans to the environment. Knowing about it will help keep discipline. It will be uncomfortable for you to let yourself and the people you share with;


9. Record the desired weight loss. Determine how much you want to weigh and when;

10. Record a video message to yourself "future". Now, in anticipation of victory, greet yourself "made up";

11. Analyze your diet;

12. Reallocate your time and attitude in favor of these items. People often do not have enough time for the most important things - for health and appearance;

13. It is not important how wide your bone is, but how harmonious and comfortable you are in your body;

14. Never mind who eats how much. Watch how much you have eaten;

15. Take a person whom you sincerely admire and see what he has achieved with his work and efforts. He is at that point and gives you a guide;


16. It's nice when there is someone to reach out for, but even cooler is the feeling when you yourself are an example for others;

17. As soon as you invest on your own and it happens (and this will surely happen) that someone will look at you and try to repeat, it will be a wow effect that brings the joy of a fulfilling life;

18. Get rid of illusions. In a month, you definitely will not lose thirty kilograms;

19. Look with different eyes at what you have, at people, at your relationships with parents, children, men;

20. Do not shift the responsibility for your own uninterest in life to others;

21. Write down not only everything that you eat, but also all the feelings that you carry in yourself;


22. Make yourself reports on food and emotions and evaluate them through the eyes of an outside observer;

23. Identify the basic feeling that prevents you from living. If boredom accompanies from morning to evening, it means that you are used to filling it with food;

24. To remove boredom is to close it not with food, but with other useful and interesting things;

25. When we talk about nutrition on a diet, it is important to understand that we should not just eat something, but see the amount of food on our plate and feel it in the stomach;

26. When you can live in harmony, then in your life there will never be a surplus of calories, dietary norms and rules, such as "no carbohydrates for dinner";

27. Three pillars of the normal functioning of the body: movement, measure and sequence, she is discipline;


28. Knowing that we have a celebration in the evening, the ration of the first half of the day needs to be redrawn according to the occasion;

29. Put all the food you plan to eat on plates. On one - fish with a side dish, on the second - an apple and nuts dessert. On the third - a piece of your favorite ciabatta with cheese. When you see everything at once, you understand that this is not enough at all and you stop deceiving yourself, assuring yourself that you eat like a bird;

30. Sometimes, no more than once a week, you can arrange for yourself fasting days of 500 or even 400 calories. This is an opportunity for a respite for the gastrointestinal tract, an opportunity to feel lightness. This should be done in a normal diet, not on a diet;

31. I very much welcome the idea of a “sleepless day”. At the same time, I urge you to organize it correctly: take the child to his grandmother, build space, ask loved ones for peace. On a "sleepy day" you don't need any workouts or a rigid diet;

32. Thank life for its intense rhythm. Still, it is better to recover yourself on a massage after overdoing it than vice versa, not knowing where to stick yourself and realizing that you are not bringing anything into life, because you are empty.


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