Beauty Review Of The Best Sunscreens For Summer Makeup Bags

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Beauty Review Of The Best Sunscreens For Summer Makeup Bags
Beauty Review Of The Best Sunscreens For Summer Makeup Bags

Video: Beauty Review Of The Best Sunscreens For Summer Makeup Bags

Video: Beauty Review Of The Best Sunscreens For Summer Makeup Bags
Video: The Best Sunscreens To Wear With Makeup! 2021 2023, March

Summer is your skin's tough endurance test. Simple skin care cosmetics can be powerless here, and Sanskrin becomes an absolute must-have not only on the sea coast, but also beyond. What sunscreens you should make friends with this summer and how to do it as efficiently as possible - we understand in more detail.

Sanskrin alphabet

The first and, perhaps, the only obstacle to the use of cosmetics that protect the skin from UV rays is the confusion with the labels. All of these SPFs, UVs and UVBs can be confusing, especially when you first see them. But, in fact, everything is quite simple here. The level of sun aggressiveness is measured by the UV index, the values of which are distributed from 1 to 11 on the corresponding scale. With an index of 11, going outside, as a rule, is not recommended at all.

Sprays and Mists:

Another point is UV and UVB. Ideally, if the sunscreen of your choice has both markings. The fact is that ultraviolet rays are of different types. UVA rays are longer and almost all reach the Earth - in any weather, season, and in any geographic zone. They are weaker than other UV rays, cause a desirable tan, but because of their ubiquity, they can cause a lot of trouble in the form of the formation of free radicals - the primary factors in cell aging. So if you see a UVA mark on a sunscreen, you can be sure it has an anti-aging effect. Sometimes PA +++ (Broad Spectrum) is written instead, which means the same thing and depends on the country of origin.

With UVB rays, everything is different: they are not so long, so only 5% of their total amount reaches the Earth: clouds and the ozone layer manage to absorb them. But, despite this, they are more powerful than UVA rays, and if UVB is written in Sanskrin, it will help protect the skin from sunburn.

Creamy texture:

It is important to understand that SPF is primarily about UVB. The first basic function of Sanskrin is to protect your skin from the most powerful rays, and only then - to take care of the long-lasting anti-age effect. In this regard, protection from UVA rays will always be about a third of the SPF, so it is better to choose products 30+, ideally 50+ (read also: "Rules for sun protection for skin after 30 years").


How to apply sunscreen correctly

Sunscreen is a type of cosmetic product that requires careful application and preparation. It is better to use sunscreen 20-30 minutes before going outside, but some experts advise to play it safe and apply sunscreen an hour before you appear in the scorching sun.

These gaps are important to keep as the protective factors take time to react chemically with your skin. We apply Sanskrin all over the face and body, but also do not forget about the hair. Specially selected products will help to take care of their premature protection from brittleness and dryness (namely, this effect is given by UV rays).


Take the time to get the ultimate sunscreen for your first days in the sun. Skin cells need time to adapt to the strong effects of UV rays, and Sanskrin should help her with this. In the following days, SPF can be gradually reduced, but in no case should you give up sun protection products - especially for a beach holiday. You can use jojoba, rosehip, or almond oil to moisturize your skin after sunburn.


Sunscreen makeup

As a rule, foundations with SPF keep the sunscreen effect for about two hours, therefore, before applying it before going outside, it is worth weighing the pros and cons: perhaps the heat outside the window requires a higher level of protection (read also: "How to choose the right sunscreen?" ").

If you nevertheless decide on a make-up product as a full-fledged protection against UV rays, it is important to apply it at the final stage of makeup. If, after applying the foundation, you also use a moisturizer, then you will simply reduce the entire sunscreen effect to nothing. Water, including in moisturizers, deactivates the protective SPF barrier, so after each bathing, Sanskrin must be reapplied.

Makeup with sunscreen effect:

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