How To Solve The Problem Of Hair Loss?

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How To Solve The Problem Of Hair Loss?
How To Solve The Problem Of Hair Loss?

Video: How To Solve The Problem Of Hair Loss?

Video: How To Solve The Problem Of Hair Loss?
Video: How to solve the problem of hair loss? / कपाल झर्ने समस्याको समाधान कसरी गर्ने ? 2023, April

“Usually hair falls out actively in autumn and spring, but my hair falls out quite constantly and more and more. What could be the reason for these constant losses? What modern methods of dealing with hair loss are there? I tried different folk recipes, but the result is still zero."

Alina, 31

Expert's answer:

To begin with, it is worth understanding the true cause of hair loss: it can be due to both external influences and internal factors. At the initial consultation, the doctor always tries to collect the most complete anamnesis: to ask about the presence of stress, whether the patient adheres to any special diet (diet), what scalp and hair care products he uses. Do not be surprised if a trichologist at the consultation asks about problems with the gastrointestinal tract, gynecology, chronic diseases, and also wants to know about endocrine disorders and only then will refer you to the appropriate specialists.

The body is a unified system in which if something does not work as it should, it sometimes leads to very strange, at first glance, side effects. That is, a variety of things can be the cause of hair loss. Accordingly, the treatment will be selected based on the specific situation. This is the selection of the right care, and the appointment of special drugs to combat stress, and vitamin supplements.

The fight against hair loss is always a complex therapy, including taking the necessary medications, mesotherapy (injections of vitamin complexes, growth stimulants, Melsman placental therapy), physiotherapy (I often recommend that patients purchase Darsonval and use it daily to improve the nutrition of hair follicles and microcirculation) and the application of special products for hair and scalp - sprays, lotions, masks.

In addition to mesotherapy, to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth, there are targeted vitamin complexes containing copper, zinc, selenium, vitamin C, group B, amino acids, etc. Shampoos help cleanse the hair follicle orifice to improve nutrition, growth and microcirculation. Correctly selected shampoos normalize the pH of the scalp and cleanse the skin well, which makes it possible to improve the situation. Peptide (vitamin, etc.) lotions and sprays, which can be bought in pharmacies, activate cellular metabolism and stimulate follicles, activating hair growth.

There are also physiotherapy procedures - Darsonval, laser procedures to stimulate follicles, ultrasound and infrared methods to improve microcirculation and nutrition of the scalp. Head massage can be singled out separately. The essence of many methods is the same - to improve microcirculation and nutrition of the hair follicle to activate the growth of new follicles and stimulate hair growth.


Maria Merekina
Maria Merekina

Maria Merekina

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