Express Fitness For Those Who Are Always Busy

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Express Fitness For Those Who Are Always Busy
Express Fitness For Those Who Are Always Busy

Video: Express Fitness For Those Who Are Always Busy

Video: Express Fitness For Those Who Are Always Busy
Video: Too Busy to Exercise? Think Again 2023, April

We all live a busy life - family, friends, work, hobbies, and we rarely have any decent time for sports on our schedule. Few people are ready to get up an hour earlier to run a couple of kilometers, and even after a hard day to go to the gym is also difficult to force themselves to. But you understand that we need sports as much as sleep and food? It not only keeps the body fit, but it improves health and longevity.

If you are just one of those for whom even 15 minutes of freedom is an unaffordable luxury, we have good news. Recent studies have shown that short, intense workouts are just as good for our body as long hours in the gym. In order not to reproach ourselves for the lack of time (and willpower), we suggest not sacrificing hours for fitness and present four express programs for those who are always busy. Choose any!

1 minute

If you have no more than a minute of free time at your disposal, then focus on one simple but very effective exercise - push-ups. Yes, the very ones that you were tortured in school and that you hate hardly more than pull-ups.

In fact, push-ups train not only the arms, as it might seem. The exercise also involves the muscles of the legs, back and buttocks. With the right approach, push-ups can replace hour-long training sessions. Another significant plus of this exercise is that you don't need any equipment, just floor and 60 seconds of your time.

So, take a starting position and hold it for a minute. Over time, you can increase the exercise time, change the number of support points, but most importantly, do not forget to follow the technique and keep the muscles tense all the time.

4 minutes

Four minutes is enough to do something more serious than push-ups. We are not in any way detracting from the previous workout, but just agree that holding the bar for 60 seconds is not as interesting as completing a full-fledged interval workout in 4 minutes.

Training consists of a constant change of states: exercises, which are performed for 20 seconds, and rest, which lasts 10 seconds. Intensive consists of squats, push-ups, crunches and lunges. Try to do as many reps as possible in 20 seconds. The more cycles you can do in 4 minutes, the better.


7 minutes

Surely many of you have already heard about the seven-minute set of exercises, which includes all kinds of push-ups. Crunches, squats and jumps. Recently, it has been especially popular among those who do not want or cannot go to the gym. You can do the workout anywhere and anytime, the main thing is to time the time and learn the sequence.

Express training exercises are selected in such a way that they engage all muscle groups in turn and simultaneously train both endurance and strength. It turns out that in 7 minutes of load, you will receive cardio and strength (especially if you add weights) exercises right away.

On YouTube you can find about a hundred lessons on this complex, there are even applications for smartphones, in which hand-drawn people clearly show what and how to do. We have chosen, in our opinion, the cutest video instruction for the seven-minute course and invite you to start your classes by watching it.

10 minutes

We propose to divide ten minutes into two stages. Do the seven-minute workout from the previous step, and then add three minutes of running to it. But not just running on the track or along the park, but sprinting for super short distances. For example, from one wall to another or from tree to tree. Let the distance not exceed a couple of meters.

Such races will make your heart beat at an accelerated pace and sweat pouring in streams. Extra cardio never hurts, so when you run, don't feel sorry for yourself and give your best. The result will not keep you waiting.


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