Between Us Girls: How To Make Hair Removal Easier

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Between Us Girls: How To Make Hair Removal Easier
Between Us Girls: How To Make Hair Removal Easier

Video: Between Us Girls: How To Make Hair Removal Easier

Video: Between Us Girls: How To Make Hair Removal Easier
  • Epilation is not recommended on an empty stomach, in a state of fatigue or during the menstrual cycle - all this lowers the pain threshold, and you run the risk of experiencing much more unpleasant sensations than usual. The fact is that the human body at such moments becomes extremely sensitive.
  • If you do decide to start hair removal, for a start it will not hurt to relax in a warm bath: hot water will open the pores and the process will become almost painless, moreover, "dry" hair removal provokes irritation on the skin, which can last up to several days.
  • If the pain still remains severe, then you can use ordinary novocaine, which will help freeze skin areas and provide you with a loss of sensitivity for a while. The novocaine solution must be diluted in a ratio of 1 to 2, placed in ice molds, and then rubbed the skin with frozen pieces until the first signs of numbness. A solution of novocaine, which is usually intended for injection, can be purchased at any pharmacy, but do not forget about possible allergic reactions.
  • If you prefer an epilator to wax, try using only low speeds. Faster speed will shorten time, but high speed tweezers can only grab and pull out fine hairs. And if you, for example, use a razor from time to time, your hair most likely has a thick rod that can be pulled out only at low speed. To avoid pain, use a massage attachment over the head of the device.
  • It is not for nothing that our men use shaving cream, this allows the skin to remain moisturized during the entire process, which means it eliminates any painful sensations. Try using a male gel, it will greatly ease the suffering. Begin the treatment without allowing the product to completely absorb into the skin.
  • It is also very important to pay attention to the correct way of stretching the skin during the epilation process. It is necessary to make sure that the thumb pulls the skin in one direction, and the rest in the other.
  • To achieve the ideal after re-hair removal, to be sure you need to use a shaving razor, this will give you absolute smoothness. Despite the fact that such advice can be terrifying, in fact, such a thorough hair removal will provide you with smooth legs and … complete absence of irritation - red spots will disappear in half an hour.
  • When it comes to waxing, do not forget to pull the tape sharply. To distract yourself, you can pick up some fun rhythmic music for yourself, and during epilation with an electric device, you must hold it diagonally to the hair removal site, slowly lowering it down.
  • You do not need to remove hair everywhere at the same time, conditionally divide your legs into four parts and perform the procedure in stages with a break of several minutes. During a pause, you can return to warm water or lubricate the epilated skin areas with cream.
  • After you've finished most of your hair, head to the shower and scrub your newly shaved legs. It sounds pretty frustrating, but it actually allows you to spot ingrown hairs. Return to the epilator (or wax) after scrubbing.
  • Finally, treat your feet with a hair-growth retardant cream and avoid exposure of injured skin to open sun for 24 hours.

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