Draw The Line: How To Draw Perfect Arrows

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Draw The Line: How To Draw Perfect Arrows
Draw The Line: How To Draw Perfect Arrows

Video: Draw The Line: How To Draw Perfect Arrows

Video: Draw The Line: How To Draw Perfect Arrows
Video: Drawing a line, arrow and arrowhead in Photoshop CC 2023, March

How to draw arrows

Looking at the singer Adele in her famous video Hello, I reflexively want to get out my eyeliner and draw myself the same arrows - velvety, voluminous and perfectly repeating the shape of the eyes. It is the shape of the eyes that determines the type of arrow that suits you best. The makeup artist who works with Adele knows this very well, so their same trick works like a new one every time.

We are sure that you are often tormented by the question, are all eyeliners approximately the same or are there special ones that suit you more than others? We hasten to reassure you that the difference can only be in the applicator or texture (which affects the final effect), but otherwise there are no differences between them. Therefore, little remains to be done: accept yourself with your eye shape and practice endlessly in perfection.

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How to find the right shape

  1. For almond shaped eyes, simply slide the eyeliner along the natural curve. In the area of the first third, the line must be thickened and brought in this state to the outer corner. For more sultry, you can add vinyl shine (or leave the upper arrow matte, and subtly mark the ciliary edge of the lower eyelid with a black pencil).
  2. The shape of the Asian type eyes will be decorated with a thick line drawn with a liquid and waterproof agent. Make sure in practice several times that the line is thick enough that your special eyes will not "eat" it at the exit. The arrow must never go beyond its normal boundaries.
  3. In the case of an impending eyelid, it is best to practice with your eyes open at first to control all the residual area you have. There is a chance that if you draw an arrow with your eyes closed, you will simply not find it later. Using a gel liner or a pencil with a soft lead, draw a thin arrow along the upper eyelid, boldly leading it beyond the outer corner. Another "tricky" trick is the letter V, stretched out and lying on its side, outlining the outer corner of the eye.
  4. With the corners of the eyes lowered, you need to focus on lifting them with all your might. Draw two medium-thick arrows on both eyelids, keeping the inner corner open and bright (the highlighter or mother-of-pearl point is that), bringing both lines up, parallel to each other.
  5. Round eyes should always be lengthened. To do this, you need to draw along the upper eyelid, from the inner corner to the outer corner, thickening the line approximately in the middle. At the edges, it remains less paunchy.
  6. In the case of wide-set eyes, the distance between them must be visually reduced. Bring the eyelid along its entire length and extend the arrow line to the bridge of the nose. An intensive line should run clearly along the growth of the eyelashes and not leave the border of the outer corner by a millimeter.
  7. With close-set eyes, do the opposite: when drawing arrows, try to indent from the inner corner of the eyelid. If you also let the eyelid down, it will help to visually expand the look. From the outside, the arrow can be rounded up.

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