How To Lose Weight While Maintaining Breast Size?

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How To Lose Weight While Maintaining Breast Size?
How To Lose Weight While Maintaining Breast Size?

Video: How To Lose Weight While Maintaining Breast Size?

Video: How To Lose Weight While Maintaining Breast Size?
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“I am prone to being overweight and occasionally try to lose weight. The most annoying thing is that the weight first of all goes not where we would like: for example, my chest immediately decreases. Can you get rid of extra pounds while maintaining your breast size? Can you enlarge or improve the shape of your breasts through exercise?"

Maria, 27

Expert's answer:

Many women who would like to lose weight are afraid of breast reduction. In order to assess the likelihood of such a "side effect" of weight loss, you need to consider the following factors:

1. The breast is made up of breast tissue and fat. Depending on the individual composition, the chances of "losing" the breast are different: the glandular tissue does not go away when losing weight, but the fatty tissue is quite likely. Therefore, if your breast size increased in proportion to your fat gain, it is logical that there is a high probability of reduction.

2. Body type: there are 4 main types - apple (fat is concentrated around the waist), pear (light tops and heavy bottoms), triangle (volume in the shoulder area) and rectangle (even distribution of fat).

Considering that the location of fat depots is determined, first of all, genetically, we practically cannot influence this. The accumulation of fat is a spontaneous process, and it is unrealistic to get better, for example, only in the chest, but the process of losing weight usually starts from the top.

From the point of view of losing breast size while losing weight, the most unfavorable option is a "pear", since the thighs, where the greatest accumulation of fat, will lose weight last, and the arms and chest - first. As a result, while the size of the hips and legs decreases, nothing may remain from the chest.

The apple type is complicated by the fact that the fat located on the waist is the most toxic - it exhibits hormonal activity and can interfere with weight loss. Waists over 80 cm significantly increase the risk of insulin resistance and diabetes. Therefore, it is especially important for the owners of the "apple" figure not to gain weight, but if it is necessary to lose weight, be patient.

The owners of the "triangle" figure have the least chance of losing breast volume while losing weight, since fat is most easily lost in the upper part of the body, and it is easier to stop at the desired point.

3. The main threat to the breast is a sharp weight loss (more than 3-5 kg per month) on an extremely low-calorie diet. In addition to the rapid loss of fat, strict diets can disrupt hormonal levels, which, in turn, can lead to degradation of the glandular tissue of the mammary glands.

In order to maintain breast volume while losing weight, it is important to choose the right goals: not to grow thin at any cost, but to form a harmonious figure, taking into account individual characteristics. A good body composition, namely the right balance of muscle and fat mass, will create beautiful contours.

Muscles are denser in structure, so the shapes they create are clearer, more elastic, and not prone to cellulite. The greater the percentage of muscles in the body, the higher the metabolism, therefore, the less inclination to be overweight.

Therefore, if the goal is to create a beautiful body while preserving the breast, then the tactics implies:

1. Low-calorie food for gradual weight loss. You can calculate the daily calorie content of your diet and subtract 10% - this will allow you to lose weight by about 3 kg per month. On average, you can focus on 1600-1800 kcal per day. Adequate intake of protein is important - 1 g per kg of body weight and quality fats.

2. Physical activity - at least an hour daily.

Can you enlarge or improve the shape of your breasts through exercise?

Globally, no, since the pectoral muscles practically end where the mammary gland begins, therefore, when it is flattened, strong muscles will not save. Moreover, too active work on the pectoral muscles in combination with drying leads to breast reduction due to the acceleration of fat burning in this area, so you will not see a professional bikinist and even more so a bodybuilder with large natural breasts.

However, the chest muscles need to be strengthened, otherwise the weakened muscles will overstretch and worsen the appearance of the décolleté.

And even more important is correct posture, so it is necessary to pump the muscles of the middle part of the back, which hold the correct position of the shoulder blades.

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Anna Borteichuk
Anna Borteichuk

Anna Borteichuk

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