How To Use Skin Serums Correctly

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How To Use Skin Serums Correctly
How To Use Skin Serums Correctly

Video: How To Use Skin Serums Correctly

Video: How To Use Skin Serums Correctly
Video: 99% Use Face Serums Wrong | How to use a Serum Correctly? 2023, March

Clash of the Titans

Autumn, winter and early spring are not just regular facials, but also intensive "serum" treatments. It would seem that "beauty concentrates" contain roughly the same ingredients that can be found in traditional creams. What, then, is the secret of their rapid success?

First, in the degree of concentration of biologically active components. If a jar of cream, for example, contains 1% vitamin C, then the serum will already have 10%, the traditional 0.05-0.08% of hyaluronic acid will correspond to 0.8%, and the content of plant extracts is all in the same whey can reach 100%. It is quite natural that the effect of using such a tool will come much faster. Secondly, in serums, the speed and depth of penetration of components into the skin is incomparably higher. Active substances pass through the upper layers of the epidermis very quickly, while retaining all their "combat power". As a result, we get what interests us in the first place: high efficiency and immediate results.

The direction of action of sera is always clearly defined. These are specialists of a narrow profile: for getting rid of wrinkles, smoothing and improving complexion, for deep moisturizing, whitening …

These cosmetic geniuses have proven themselves especially well in the fight against expression and age wrinkles. A tightly blended cocktail of retinol, peptides and antioxidants can work wonders. Calming serums are not lagging behind their colleagues, but here it is no longer a matter of quantitative, but of speed characteristics. Extracts of chamomile, licorice, calendula immediately affect the problem area, which means that irritation and redness disappear much faster. And, of course, you can't do without such quick assistants before going out. Instant lifting serums relieve puffiness, visually tighten the skin and make the complexion fresher and more radiant. In addition, they are instantly absorbed, which means they do not delay our makeup for a minute!


Like in a pharmacy

Cosmetic concentrates can be found in a wide variety of packaging: these are bottles with a dispenser, and ampoules, and capsules … Their appearance suggests that these preparations should be used in a strictly defined amount, and not according to the principle "Grease it thicker - it will be better." Prudence is not explained by human greed at all, but by the same increased concentration of active substances, which can cause both allergies and irritation. Therefore, for daily care, a few drops are quite enough, which are evenly distributed over the skin with light movements or gentle patting. Please note that we are not talking about intensive rubbing or "driving in" of the product - brute mechanical force in this case is completely useless!

Serums are best used in courses, as the effect of their use tends to accumulate. The optimal result is when the skin, having received a sufficient amount of the necessary substances, begins to use its internal resources. As a rule, this occurs 2-4 weeks after the start (depending on the problem, age, accompanying cosmetics). After such a powerful effect, it is necessary to take a break for 1-2 months, and then repeat everything from the beginning or choose a serum of a different focus. True, recent scientific studies have shown that new generation concentrates may well be present in daily care all year round! When asked at what age you can actively use serums, dermatologists say that drugs with a calming and lifting effect are quite acceptable starting from 20-25 years,and they recommend using powerful anti-aging artillery only after 30.

With cream and fruit

Serum is an explosive dose of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, while cream is our daily balanced diet. We expect a lot from him: deep hydration, nutrition, victory over wrinkles, reliable protection from all possible misfortunes. And if the drug is selected correctly (in accordance with the type, characteristics and real age of the skin), then it copes well with the tasks. In cold weather, concentrates are usually used under creams, enhancing their effect. And in the summer, if the skin does not dry, on its own. However, it should be remembered that the former work in the deep layers of the skin, while the latter continue their action on the surface. Since intensive care products are absorbed almost instantly, leaving a feeling of some insecurity, you yourself will want to add a cream,which will protect the serum from evaporation and the skin from discomfort. There is no doubt that the result will not disappoint you and will give the proper effect if both products are from the same line. With similar basic ingredients, the pair will tackle problems together, complementing and reinforcing each other's actions. But you can go the other way: choose a concentrate and cream of the same brand, but from different lines.

Especially freely with serums are treated in salons. They are not only used completely independently during apparatus massage and microcurrent therapy, but also added to individual formulations of masks and mud wraps. Maybe we should try?


Law and order

  • Cosmetic concentrate is applied only to clean and dry skin.
  • It does not require intensive rubbing, it is enough to distribute it over the surface with light movements.
  • If you are using two powerful serums - anti-aging and moisturizing - never apply them one after the other. In the morning - moisturizing, in the evening - anti-aging (active anti-age components are more effective when the skin is at rest).
  • The product is absorbed instantly. So immediately after applying it, you can apply cream or decorative cosmetics.
  • Serums can and should be used as a preventive measure.

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