21 Signs You're A Beauty Expert

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21 Signs You're A Beauty Expert
21 Signs You're A Beauty Expert

Video: 21 Signs You're A Beauty Expert

Video: 21 Signs You're A Beauty Expert
Video: I Got A Custom Constellation Piercing From Brian Keith Thompson | Macro Beauty | Refinery29 2023, April

1. You canceled your evening plans without delay because you had to wash your hair. And that was a good reason

Indeed, 15 minutes for a beauty expert's bath procedures is not enough at all. In addition to the standard - shampoo and conditioner - you certainly nourish your hair with oils and treat with protective sprays and emulsions before styling, for example, Huile Lactee from Kerastase.

2. You wouldn't think of going on a hike without a hairdryer and a hair straightener, and it doesn't matter that there is nowhere to turn it on

Of course, styling “tools” are equipped with cold air supply, ceramic coating, and a choice of temperature settings, causing minimal damage to your silky curls.

3. Your hairdresser on speed dial on your phone

And most likely he (or she) is well aware of the name of your ex and current boyfriend, in which restaurant you celebrated the previous birthday, the name of your favorite cocktail, and what wonderful shoes sank into your soul a week ago.

4. You know the difference between BB, CC and DD creams

And at least sometimes you catch surprised looks on yourself, as if saying “what's the difference? For me, it’s almost the same”, you are firmly convinced that you are right, and if you have already come to the store for BB cream, you will not fall for the tricks of the consultant that the creams are perfectly interchangeable.


5. You can't even think about makeup without a foundation

As a rule, only 20% of women who wear makeup on a daily basis think about protecting their skin. For the rest, first of all, it is important to visually make the skin even and tanned, and the eyes - large and bright. But you know perfectly well what means you can use to prolong the youthfulness of your skin, right?

6. Your "natural make-up" takes at least two hours … at best

No wonder, because for “natural make-up” it is important to achieve a perfectly even and fresh complexion. Cleansing and moisturizing alone can take half an hour of your time. Well, and, of course, you need not to overdo it with makeup to look natural.

7. You constantly confuse your eyeliner with a ballpoint pen as a result of a stressful situation at work

After all, your eyeliner, just in case, lies right at your fingertips, and, unlike the pen peacefully resting in the stand, you may need it at any time. It's good that instead of a mouse, you are not trying to click on the desktop with a pocket mirror.

8. You go to the ladies' room with a bag for half an hour, because a strand of hair is out of your hair, or lipstick has worn off

In general, correcting makeup during the day is a must. Few people like the flowing mascara, smudged lipstick or almost worn out arrows. This little routine will help you look refreshed and refreshed even after a hard day at work.

9. By the way, your bag weighs more than one kilogram due to the bag filled to the brim with "vital things"

And all because at any moment one or another thing may be needed, be it lip gloss or black shadows. After all, who knows what awaits you this evening?

10. You can forget your keys, documents and money at home, but not the proofreader, ink and powder

And it is very likely that you have a separate set of cosmetics for going out that does not leave your purse so as not to be forgotten at home. You can't do that with keys.

11. The phrase "limited edition" can turn your head and make you quit all your business, headlong rushing to the boutique

After all, this is perhaps the best scent you have ever heard. So also there will be a limited amount of time on sale … you need to buy several bottles!


12. You are constantly in search of "your" scent

And, according to the law of meanness, as soon as you find, it seems, your only one … immediately find it even more attractive.

13. You know all cosmetic brands and names of makeup artists by heart

And most likely, in your cosmetic bag there are always a couple of products of one or another popular brand marked "must have".

14. Your eyebrow goes up when you meet a person who does not know who Elena Krygina is

And you, unlike this ignoramus, have one of her boxes at home, and video tutorials in the tabs - “how to draw smoky eyes”.

15. You have more cosmetics than food in your refrigerator

Nevertheless, the pencil is too soft outside the cold, and it is still harmful to store food for a long time.

16. And in the bathroom there is also a suitcase with sponges, brushes and "things that don't fit."

And not only did it not fit, but also because it cannot be stored in the refrigerator. Of course, you are also aware of this.

17. Shades of Ruby Woo and Russian Red are colossally different

One goes into a carrot-scarlet shade, the other into a crimson, it's obvious!

18. Wake you up at night, you will immediately answer what kind of makeup and coloring techniques are currently in trend

And not only that, but also what color Kristen Stewart dyed, and what lipstick tone Scarlett Johansson had at the last event.

19. You are one hundred percent sure which makeup is perfect for you

And, perhaps, to other people you also often try on this or that image? This one will go long arrows, and that one will be chic with wine lipstick on her lips.

20. In one stroke, you can transform your daytime makeup into evening makeup

And you just need to add brightness to the eyes with eyeliner or highlight the lips with lipstick. You will cope with this task in 5 minutes.

21. You always look perfect, even when you just walk out to the store for bread

And few people want to argue with this!

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