How To Get In Perfect Shape: Dietitian Advice

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How To Get In Perfect Shape: Dietitian Advice
How To Get In Perfect Shape: Dietitian Advice

Video: How To Get In Perfect Shape: Dietitian Advice

Video: How To Get In Perfect Shape: Dietitian Advice
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There is one well-known joke: "In order to lose weight in places, you need not eat in places." It is quite difficult to give advice on how to get in perfect shape, which would effectively help absolutely everyone. A number of factors play a role in weight:

  • what kind of life do you lead
  • your heredity,
  • whether you have busy days at work and so on.

But in any case, the key point is always one thing: the habit of eating right is the shortest path to beauty and health.

For most, the process of losing weight is certainly associated with severe restrictions or even with a categorical rejection of their favorite foods. Unlike diets, a balanced diet does not involve such sacrifices. Giving preference to vegetables and fruits, dairy products, as well as healthy carbohydrates (for example, cereals) is the basis of proper nutrition. This includes meat and fish cooked without the addition of a large amount of oil.


The main thing is to maintain a balance of macronutrients: proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The most scarce of all elements are proteins. They are the hardest to consume in the right amount. A person should get 30% of protein from food every day, but since almost all tasty things contain a lot of carbohydrates and fats, and only a small part of protein, it is not so easy to maintain balance.

Preference should be given to legumes, dairy products, or lean meats. You can increase the proportion of protein in the diet, for example, by replacing one meal with special protein shakes.

Physical exercise

In addition to nutrition, you can accelerate weight loss by engaging in any type of physical activity. By the way, to lead an active lifestyle, it is not necessary to train in the gym every day. Walk more often, choose an active type of recreation - for example, instead of sitting in a cafe, it is better to ride a bike. The main thing is that the lesson is to your liking, then the effect will not be long in coming.

Everyday behavior


To lose weight faster, pay attention to a few more important points - try to avoid stressful situations, otherwise the result on weight loss will be less than expected.

Be sure to get enough sleep, otherwise a state of chronic fatigue and irritability sets in. The consequence of this will again serve as stress and the inevitable set of extra pounds.

Therefore, it is best to start the transition to a balanced diet at a time when you are calm and feeling good. A vacation period is ideal, then you will have enough time to pay attention to your diet, for example, pick up new recipes. Develop good eating habits. Take it as a gift to yourself, not as a loss, because soon you will get your best shape!

The main rule of diets

Do not experiment with your body. The pounds "dropped" in this way usually return quickly, and even more than that.

The best option at all times to get rid of excess volume in all parts of the body is to change your eating habits. Great form is the daily consumption of a balanced diet and physical activity, and not endless self-restraint in food.

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