3 Dior Fragrances Designed For Spring

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3 Dior Fragrances Designed For Spring
3 Dior Fragrances Designed For Spring

Video: 3 Dior Fragrances Designed For Spring

Video: 3 Dior Fragrances Designed For Spring
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The period of springtime love, high spirits and an endless stream of inspiration can and should be supported with a suitable perfume. Dior's specialists are the best of the best in creating blooming, spring-like light fragrances that you will definitely want to walk on a sunny May day. They are refined, elegant and convey femininity in all its versatility. We offer three of the best aroma options for spring mood and more.

Dior Rouge Trafalgar

If you can't resist fruity accords, but love their combination with floral ones even more, Dior Rouge Trafalgar will definitely suit your taste. It is filled with seductive fruity and floral notes and instantly immerses you in the atmosphere of the May Garden - a place where you can love, enjoy life and breathe deeply.

Dior Miss Dior Rose N'Roses

“When creating Miss Dior Rose N'Roses, I aimed to reproduce the scent of not a single rose, but rather a whole floral composition. To recreate my childhood memories from the first visit to the blossoming May fields. I wanted to convey this delightful effect of blooming roses in the composition of the new scent."

François Demachy, Dior Leading Perfumer

Dior joy

A fragrance for those who do not like to stand out and rush for fame. Delicate, close to the classics, with a sweet-floral viscosity, it is perfect for both business women and young girls who are ready to welcome spring with an open heart and possessing the precious ability to dream and believe in a dream.

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