What Are Lipolytics And How They Can Help You Lose Weight

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What Are Lipolytics And How They Can Help You Lose Weight
What Are Lipolytics And How They Can Help You Lose Weight

Every year the arsenal of tools for body shaping is becoming wider, and with it the number of myths about weight loss is growing. In this situation, it is important not to plunge headlong into finding out true and false recommendations, to be able to understand your desires and choose a good specialist. And this especially concerns such a serious issue as the use of lipolytics, which we decided to sort out together with the owner of the MisterFit fitness club and the founder of the Slim & Go studio chain Zoya Panina.

What are lipolytics?

Lipolytics are substances that break down subcutaneous fat, as a result of which the adipocyte cell, which makes up adipose tissue, becomes smaller and slimmer. Lipolytics are administered by injection. As a rule, the substance is injected into the dermis - either near the layer with fatty tissue, or into the layer of subcutaneous fatty tissue itself, getting directly into the cells with fat.

Lipolytics can be administered in two ways:

  • By means of mesotherapy: the substance is injected with small dots under the skin, getting into the dermis, after which it spreads and breaks down the subcutaneous fat;
  • Direct lipolytics are injected with a long needle directly into the subcutaneous fat - this method is called intralipotherapy.

But why do you need to understand such subtleties? The fact is that with the help of mesotherapy, a cosmetologist with a secondary medical education can inject a lipolytic, and only a doctor trained in the method of intralipotherapy can perform the procedure for administering a direct lipolytic. Its use by an employee of insufficient qualifications is quite dangerous: the drug may fall into the wrong area due to incorrect determination of the size of the fat fold (it must be at least 10 centimeters).

In this case, the lipolytic gets into the wrong tissues and causes adverse consequences - up to necrosis (tissue destruction). That is why intralipotherapy is recommended to be done in a specialized medical institution - in a clinic, in a licensed beauty salon, or at a doctor with proven experience in administering direct lipolytic.

Types of lipolytics: how to determine which one you need?

Turning to a beauty salon, clinic, or a private cosmetologist, you are sure that you will be injected with the right drug. But how does the beauty market actually work in terms of lipolytics? Salons buy the most popular drugs, and, as a rule, this is one common type of drug, while not all owners are interested in which drug for what tasks can be most effective. But depending on their composition, lipolytics "hit" for different purposes. Shall we figure it out?

The figure may not suit you in many ways, but all discontent can be roughly divided into three types.

Reason # 1

If you want to remove excess volume in the abdomen, thighs, arms or above the knees, then a direct volume lipolytic is suitable for you - for example, Lipo Lab. He is injected either by the mesotherapeutic method, or with the help of a long needle (the same intralipotherapy) into the breeches, abdomen, sides, above the knees, into the arms, double chin, sub-gluteal fold. Active enzymes in Lipo Lab break down adipocyte membranes, leaving subcutaneous fat in an emulsion. After the emulsification process has taken place, the enzymes are excreted from the body through the blood, kidneys or liver.


Reason # 2

If in the zones listed above you have already formed the so-called fat depots (fat traps that cannot be removed by diets or exercise), and the size of your clothes has reached L and above, your assistant is intralipotherapy and lipolytic - for example, Aqualyx. The drug is injected with a long needle directly into the subcutaneous fat. In this case, the size of the fold of the problem area should be more than 5 centimeters. After the procedure, the body removes the broken down fats and cellular debris through the circulatory and lymphatic systems and neutralizes them in the liver.

Reason # 3

Are you slim, but you have small body fat or cellulite that worries, sagging after childbirth or rapid weight loss? Then mesotherapy cocktails are for you. The composition of such a cocktail includes a lipolytic - for example, Dermaheal LL. Its components stimulate fat burning, help get rid of cellulite and induce the growth of collagen fibers. A pleasant bonus - the product contains a substance that helps to tighten the skin (it is used in mesotherapy on the face or body for rejuvenation). It has not only a lipolytic effect, but also a pronounced lifting effect of adipose tissue (read also: "Lifting, liposuction, mammoplasty: expert opinion").

What is important to keep in mind before deciding on the use of a lipolytic?

We are all different, and that's great. But this also means that each girl will have her own request for body shaping, and therefore each needs her own "recipe" for maintaining beauty. Imagine a situation: three friends will go to a salon where there is one type of drug, one of whom has small folds on the abdomen, the other has a formed fat trap in the breeches zone, and the third wants to restore skin elasticity after childbirth. Only one of them will get the desired result. Would you like to participate in such a lottery? We think that it is unlikely.


At the consultation, always inform the specialist about your problem, your individual request - tell in detail what problems with the body bother you. Agree to the procedure only when you are fully convinced of the professionalism of the specialist and that there is a drug in the salon that will really help you.

We recommend contacting specialized clinics, because a figure correction beautician and a face rejuvenation beautician are far from the same thing: there are different practices, different experiences, different tools for influencing human skin. Remember: the range of lipolytics and the professionalism of a specialist are the main components of your result.

How to accelerate and consolidate the effect of lipolytic?

You can accelerate the effect of the course of lipolytics and consolidate it faster if you include regular exercise and eliminate junk food from your diet. It is also important to remember that after lipolytics, you need to undergo a course of manual or hardware massage, for example Lpg. Why is this needed? After exposure to lipolytics, all cells with fat gradually leave the body. Apparatus massage helps the body to get rid of them faster and reduce the stress level of the body after the procedure.

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