How To Moisturize Your Hair At Home

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How To Moisturize Your Hair At Home
How To Moisturize Your Hair At Home

Video: How To Moisturize Your Hair At Home

Video: How To Moisturize Your Hair At Home
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Moisturizing your hair starts with moisturizing your scalp. It would seem that there is something new to say here? It turns out you can. In addition to moisturizing masks, trichologists suggest paying attention to … night care. Yes, they are convinced that in the evening we simply have to apply the cream not only to the face, but also to the head. Previously, such funds also existed, they lived among the drugstore shelves and were very rare. Now the world is much more determined. For example, Night Density Rescue, Nioxin, fights free radicals as well as any renowned skin cream. It contains a whole range of antioxidants and moisturizing components: vitamin E, caffeine, biotin, and ginger root. Together, it helps to maintain hydro balance throughout the day. So summer is a good reason to complicate your bedtime ritual a little. But we can do something useful during the day.

Keep the hair dryer no closer than five centimeters from your precious strands!


Tip # 1. A good heat shield spray isn't just a tricky marketing ploy. It does contain polymers that dissipate heat from the scalp, which means it prevents the hair from drying out. If you're still unsure where to start, try out 44 Iron Guard Thermal Smoothing Spray, CHI by Farouk.

Tip # 2. Moisturizing mask Hydration, Moroccanoil. During dry periods, it should be used twice a week. Just 5-7 minutes of exposure, and your hair will be saturated with argan oil to the very ends. As a result, you can count on healthy shine and complete obedience.

Tip # 3. Alas, hair gets dirty faster in summer. But do not rush and urgently buy shampoo for oily scalp. A similar tool is suitable for those who are concerned about this problem all year round. If troubles appear only in the heat, then a special shampoo runs the risk of overdrying the skin and causing flaking. And nobody wants that.

Tip # 4. In summer, it is better to forget about rich, nutritious textures. So, when choosing what to wash your hair, give preference to moisturizing lines over nourishing and regenerating ones. Don't overfeed your hair. Interesting options - shampoo for deep moisturizing and shine Moist & Gloss, Reveur, and refreshing mint range Biolage Scalpsync, Matrix.

Tip # 5. Hair conditioner works fast, but don't rinse it off. Roll up your hair with a towel and wait three minutes. The steam from the hot water will make the product work better and will moisturize the curls a little deeper. Just remember that this is not a mask, so do not languish for 15 minutes, and then, even after drying your head, look like a wet mouse.

Tip # 6. Nobody canceled sun protection. For thin hair, light sprays work well that do not weigh down the strands. Such as Solar Sublime, L'Oreal Professionnel, or Sun, WellProfessionals. For more impressive hair, creams are intended (but only in small quantities to maintain a neat look). Pay attention to the Care Line Sun Sublime serum, Keune, and the CC Crème multifunctional care cream, Kerastase Soleil.

7 proven hair moisturizers

Moisturizing mask Hydrating, Moroccanoil

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