FOREO Smart Mask. How To Give Your Skin A Full-fledged Salon Care In One And A Half Minutes?

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FOREO Smart Mask. How To Give Your Skin A Full-fledged Salon Care In One And A Half Minutes?
FOREO Smart Mask. How To Give Your Skin A Full-fledged Salon Care In One And A Half Minutes?

Video: FOREO Smart Mask. How To Give Your Skin A Full-fledged Salon Care In One And A Half Minutes?

Video: FOREO Smart Mask. How To Give Your Skin A Full-fledged Salon Care In One And A Half Minutes?

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Recently, the Swedish hi-tech beauty brand FOREO presented the second generation of UFO 2 gadgets. The advanced technologies used in the device provide home care that is as effective as professional and takes only 90 seconds.

Especially for the gadget, the brand released 12 different masks soaked in serums with a high concentration of vitamins and plant extracts, the action of which is activated by the UFO gadget.

What technologies are involved?

First, thermotherapy: the device heats up to 45 ℃, regulating the secretion of sebum, activating the removal of toxins and increasing the radiance of the skin. Moreover, UFO 2 does it five times faster than the previous version. Another technology in the UFO 2 arsenal is the cryo effect. Cooling down to +5 ℃, it instantly tones, relieves puffiness, narrows pores and "seals" the active ingredients in the epidermis. The third type of exposure is spectral phototherapy, that is, the full spectrum of LED light. It is scientifically proven that exposure of the skin to light waves of different shades and lengths stimulates certain functions of the skin. For example, red activates recovery and rejuvenates. Blue fights imperfections. Green improves complexion. In the new version of the gadget, in addition to the three primary colors, the entire rainbow spectrum is presented. This means that UFO 2 can satisfy more of the skin's needs. Another technology - T-SONIC ™ pulsations - is responsible for a gentle massage effect and accelerates the absorption of active ingredients.

All that remains is to choose a mask that will meet the specific needs of your skin in the morning, evening or transform before an important event.

Start of the day



To shine all day, use the Make My Day mask with hyaluronic acid and algae extracts in the morning. The ingredients deeply moisturize, protect and add radiance. And to maximize the impact, UFO 2 provides three sequential programs. The first 30 seconds are thermotherapy and restorative red light. They open pores, prepare the skin and smooth it out. Then, for half a minute, the T-SONIC ™ pulsation is switched on, increasing the penetration of active substances. Finally, the face is exposed to green light and lower frequency pulsation, which increases the tone and evens out the skin tone.

For a clear view

Morning puffiness under the eyes, whatever the reason - lack of sleep, a party or a can of pickles eaten in the evening - is not a reason to be upset. In the arsenal of FOREO masks there is a special agent for the area around the eyes - the Shimmer Freak mask, which can get rid of dark circles, swelling and early wrinkles. It contains vitamin B3 (niacinamide), caffeine and rose water. They soothe, moisturize, regenerate, improve circulation and rejuvenate this delicate, vulnerable area. To maximize the effect, UFO 2 uses cryo-cooling and harmonizing blue light.


To saturate the skin with moisture and prepare it for the day's trials, take a Bulgarian Rose mask based on water from Bulgarian rose petals and jojoba oil. The gadget first prepares the skin with heating and red light, then tones it up with cryotherapy. Finally, it soothes with green light and gentle massage.

Going to bed



In the evening, to prepare your skin for sleep and give it the resources to regenerate, use the Call It Night mask with energizing ginseng extract and nourishing olive oil. This duo provides a powerful rejuvenating effect, helps to smooth wrinkles and shapes the oval of the face. And so that these substances are optimally absorbed, UFO 2 acts on the skin for the first 30 seconds with the heat and vibration of the T-Sonic. This “hot massage” instantly relieves tension and stress accumulated during the day. After switching to a lower vibration frequency, the gadget illuminates the face with red light, improving blood circulation and increasing elasticity.

Eliminate dehydration

Those who have tight, capricious, dehydrated skin cannot do without H2Overdose mask with hyaluronic acid and Aquaxyl component, which enhances its hydrating effect, consisting of two sugars. To activate this product, UFO 2 works in three stages: it prepares with warmth and red light, increases the penetration of the ingredients with the pulsation of the T-Sonic, and finally creates a comfort zone with a gentle massage and green light.


ManukHoney mask with Manuka honey and chamomile allantoin rejuvenates, heals, removes cell damage and softens the skin that is tired during the day. Thermotherapy and T-Sonic pulsation help the active substances penetrate deeply into the epidermis, and the successive change of red and orange light - to refresh the complexion and give it a radiance.

The effect is here and now



Is your skin prone to shine? Try the Matte Maniac with Absorbent Charcoal and Snow Lotus Extract. The result of this pair is matte, even skin with invisible pores and a fresh tone. The product also helps to reduce rashes and levels post acne marks. He is helped in this by the verified combination of cryo- and thermal effects with blue, red light and pulsation of the T-Sonic.

Perfect complexion

The Glow Addict mask with pearl extract and vitamin E is designed to instantly reduce dullness and give radiance, which not only visually improve the complexion, but also saturate the skin with moisture. And the gadget UFO 2, for its part, helps them to maximize their abilities, combining thermal effects and spectral phototherapy.

Stress relief

Was your day full of events, information and experiences that inevitably affected your skin? A remedy based on acai berries from Brazil and nourishing shea butter - the Acai Berry mask should relieve fatigue and restore radiance. Thermotherapy and pulsations will help you relax, and the alternation of red and purple light will smooth the skin and fine wrinkles.

A wide range of masks allows you to create your own skin care program tailored to your needs. The main thing is that it will take a minimum amount of time, and the result will be comparable to professional procedures in the salon.

You can buy FOREO gadgets in Rive Gauche, Golden Apple stores, as well as on the following sites:

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