Four Tips For Caring For Oily Skin

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Four Tips For Caring For Oily Skin
Four Tips For Caring For Oily Skin

Video: Four Tips For Caring For Oily Skin

Video: Four Tips For Caring For Oily Skin
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1. Do not cleanse your skin too actively

Perhaps it sounds suspicious, since we are usually told that “washing” is our everything. But in the case of oily skin, extra efforts are useless: they can lead to a violation of the protective barrier and a critical imbalance. Moreover, too multi-stage cleansing with the help of many active agents is fraught with the fact that the skin will be overdried, and this only activates compensatory processes and enhances the production of sebum. So choose the most delicate cleansers possible and don't rub your face too hard.

2. Watch what you eat

It's no secret that fries and other high-fat foods make us feel guilty, but dairy products are just as much to blame because they contribute to a very specific problem - clogged pores. This happens because "milk" (even if it is the most organic one to eat) contains natural hormones. In addition, refined grains (white bread, rice …) are a serious source of sugar, which will greatly increase your glycemic index.

3. Don't forget about your own hormones

Sometimes you just need to accept the situation and understand that now is the period called "have to live with oily skin." The monthly hormonal cycle, which changes every week, at one point simply increases the production of sebum. And this applies to everything - including the scalp. So, if a similar problem appears only time about time, do not panic. It is enough to use matting creams and stock up on matting face wipes.


4. Cosmetics to help you

All dermatologists say the same thing: read labels carefully. However, you really need to take a closer look at the composition of your cream or serum. The main rule is not to overload the skin. Avoid rich textures that keep your skin from breathing. When buying a drug, remember the simple golden rule - you need oil-free products that will hardly be felt on the skin. And also look for antiseptic and anti-inflammatory components, salicylic acid, caffeine, zinc in the formulas.

Products for oily skin

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