Whip Up: Morning Styling For The Lazy

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Whip Up: Morning Styling For The Lazy
Whip Up: Morning Styling For The Lazy

Video: Whip Up: Morning Styling For The Lazy

Video: Whip Up: Morning Styling For The Lazy
Video: My RISE AND GRIND morning routine for lazy people who want to be productive :) 2023, March

Looking perfect every day is difficult, but doable. One of the most important (if not the most important) parts of your look is neat styling. If anything, then a quick bunch or a tail made in a hurry before going out, are not considered as such. But careless waves in the spirit of Blake Lively - quite, they will give the image not only completeness, but also the correct relaxation. Plus, it's easy to create them.

What you need:

  • hairdryer,
  • hair iron or curling iron,
  • styling cosmetics

1. Styling is done on clean, damp hair. After shampooing, it is best to use conditioner to make your hair more manageable.

2. Comb and dry your hair lightly with a hairdryer.

3. Choose the right styling product for your hair. This can be sea salt, volume cream, or lotion. Apply the product of your choice to slightly damp hair and start blow-drying by lifting it up with your hands or a comb at the roots.

4. After that, use an iron or curling iron to curl the hair, choosing the direction from the face.

5. We create the effect of carelessness, tousling the hair with our hands in different directions. At the end of the styling, you can select individual strands with paste or wax.

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