After The Ball: How To Quickly Put The Skin In Order

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After The Ball: How To Quickly Put The Skin In Order
After The Ball: How To Quickly Put The Skin In Order

Video: After The Ball: How To Quickly Put The Skin In Order

Video: After The Ball: How To Quickly Put The Skin In Order

Proper nutrition and vitamins

If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, then the skin is a reflection of our eating habits, therefore, first of all, it is necessary to adjust the diet. We will not write that it is better to give up fatty, too salty, fried, sweet, industrial products and any junk food. We sincerely believe that you know all these canonical rules by heart and began to adhere to them with the first rays of the sun of the first working day. However, the change in habits should not end there. What else is worth adding to such dietary amendments?

First, take Omega-3 and green tea as your allies. The polyunsaturated fatty acids and polyphenols that this hot drink is rich in will help neutralize the effects of excessive consumption of alcohol, caffeine and sugars, as well as cleanse the liver.

Secondly, drink liquids, but not immediately, as is most often advised, two liters a day, but gradually. Your task is to reach 8 glasses of plain water per day, every day, adding a glass to your usual volume. It is important to observe the phasing here, otherwise the unusual liters of water for you will turn into swelling and poor health. Water that is correctly introduced into the diet will gently and painlessly remove salt and toxins from the body.

And don't forget about vitamin C, which protects against free radicals and blocks the effects of toxins. It can be obtained both from various food products (not only oranges, but also cauliflower, red peppers, rose hips and tomatoes), and special additives.


After changing your eating habits, start active external actions. In the struggle for the beauty of the skin, all means will be good - serums, masks, and creams. If during the holidays you were not the worst girl and still did not forget about daily care, then it will not be so difficult to erase the signs of "bust" from your face. It is enough to arm yourself with instant-action means, the active ingredients in which will return a fresh look in a matter of days (or even hours).


The quickest way to make your skin look good is to seek the help of products designed to restore skin radiance (as they say on the labels). Such products are designed to instantly remove signs of fatigue on the face - after application, the skin becomes even and beautiful as an infant. A similar effect occurs not by magic, but thanks to two simple techniques. Redness and age spots are lightened by bleaching ingredients, while active ingredients such as vitamins C, F, biosaccharides or ginseng stimulate cellular activity and metabolism, thereby eliminating dull color and fading irritation. There is only one minus. If you use these masks only in an emergency, the effect will last no more than a couple of hours. But if you make it a rule to apply such masks regularly, there is a great chance to become the owner of the skin of your dreams.

VILLAPHYT Day and Night face cream with aloe. An innovative cream with a complex of active ingredients contributes to the elasticity and radiance of the skin. Fights the first signs of aging.

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Oxygen baths

Lack of oxygen leads to a violation of the structure of cells and the rapid development of signs of aging - a weakening of the protective barrier of the skin, a dull complexion, dark circles under the eyes, flabbiness and unevenness of skin color, wrinkles, inflammation and flaking. So one example is spider veins, which are formed as a result of capillary blockage occurring due to vasoconstriction, which in turn occurs due to the lack of the proper amount of oxygen in the blood.

There are two ways to solve the problem of oxygen starvation, which work best, as usual, together - walks and means to eliminate hypoxia. We think everything is clear with the first point, but let's dwell on the second. You can find these funds by the keywords - oxygen, metabolism and energy. Such products, most often masks, eliminate dull complexions, stimulate cells and restore healthy skin.

Energizing face mask Vax'In Vital Energy Infusion Mask, Givency, has a regenerating and cleansing effect for elastic and healthy skin.

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Emergency hydration

Cell dehydration is one of the most common and common winter problems, which we exacerbate (drumming) with alcohol on holidays. A timely dose of hyaluronic acid delivered to the cells will help restore the loss of water in the upper layers of the epidermis. In addition to the basic care containing this component of youth, we advise you to pay attention to various moisturizing masks that will enhance the effect. Also take a look at products based on thermal water and aloe vera extract. The last component is one of the most affordable and popular in the beauty world, so you can easily find many available products with it. Aloe vera has a pronounced moisturizing effect and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, for which we are loved and respected, despite its definitely not the most fashionable image.

SKINFOOD Light moisturizing face cream. With a light orange scent. Non-greasy. Refreshes the skin, makes it feel smooth, silky and hydrated. Specially selected components help to normalize the collagen and elastin content in the skin.

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Glitter in the eyes

The skin around the eyes, perhaps, more than the rest of the face suffers from our bad habits. In addition, according to statistics, we often neglect caring for her. Remember, do you regularly use eye creams? What about patches? The consequences of improper care can include dark circles, redness around the eyes and fine lines. Each of the problems has its own origin. The same circles under the eyes can be divided into three groups: blue, brown and red. Blue circles under the eyes are a consequence of stagnation of blood in the blood vessels. With stagnation of blood, the walls of blood vessels expand, and red blood cells penetrate into the intervascular space, giving the skin a blue tint. Brown circles under the eyes have the nature of melanogenesis during hyperpigmentation, when melanocytes, cells that produce melanin, are mostly concentrated around the eyes. Red circles and redness around the eye contour are caused by inflammation and increased blood flow. Redness can be exacerbated by dehydrated skin around the eyes.

There are several components that will help to urgently get rid of all of the above problems - it is they who should be looked for in the composition of the funds. So, write down: vitamin B3 (anti-inflammatory effect), caffeine (tones up and improves lymph circulation) and antioxidants (smooth wrinkles, fight external influences on the skin).

Powrcell Eye Urgency, HelenRubinstein, smoothes wrinkles, erases puffiness and tightens the skin around the eyes.

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To restore skin tone is not always a task codenamed "mission impossible". Products with a high concentration of active substances will help you. They, of course, will not discount decades, but they will quickly return a fresh look and give the skin strength to work against aging. Pay attention to products with collagen and proteins in the composition.

Ampoules New Skin Fluid, Babor, restore elasticity to the skin, restore the upper layers of the epidermis and relieve tightness and irritation.

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