7 Life Hacks For Perfect Lashes

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7 Life Hacks For Perfect Lashes
7 Life Hacks For Perfect Lashes

Video: 7 Life Hacks For Perfect Lashes

Video: 7 Life Hacks For Perfect Lashes
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1. In order for the mascara to lie flat, the eyelashes must be completely clean. Soften the skin of your eyelids by applying a bead of concealer with a moisturizer.

2. Special tweezers for curling eyelashes allow you to ensure that the eyelashes remain curled up for a long time. They are a favorite of professional makeup artists. Keep in mind that you can only use them completely clean, otherwise your eyelashes can be damaged or even broken.

3. In creating voluminous and thick eyelashes, a thin veil of transparent powder will help, which is applied to the eyelashes before applying mascara. This secret technique of specialists will especially appeal to the owners of thin and rare eyelashes.

4. For the best effect, use two types of mascara at once. First, apply the lengthener to the lashes (they usually contain cellulose fibers, due to which lengthening occurs), and then add volume.

5. Dyeing eyelashes should be started from their base. Carefully paint over the roots of the hairs, and then with twisting movements, move to the ends. Run the brush straight along the lashes to prevent them from sticking together.

6. For maximum volume, try the following: Momentarily hold the mascara brush at the very edge of your newly painted and curled lashes. Repeat this movement until you achieve the desired result.

7. If the cilia are stuck together, gently comb them with a special comb or separate with a washed brush from the old mascara.

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