Beauty Concentrate: Facial Serums

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Beauty Concentrate: Facial Serums
Beauty Concentrate: Facial Serums

Video: Beauty Concentrate: Facial Serums

Video: Beauty Concentrate: Facial Serums
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A full-fledged healthy lifestyle is an ideal that is often unattainable for many of us, residents of megacities. The consequences of breakdowns and not too correct lifestyle, stress and polluted air instantly affect our skin, and especially on the face - in the form of peeling, redness, age spots and other troubles. Added to this is the "natural" dehydration of the skin due to temperature changes, wind and precipitation. This means that you cannot do without intensive care products.

Face serums are capable of replacing salon care with home care in many ways, if not in everything. However, the choice of a product should be approached thoroughly, taking into account all the features of your skin and the tasks that you set yourself. We also advise you to take a closer look at seasonal novelties.

Why are serums needed and what types they are


"Elixirs of beauty", "activators of youth" ─ serums have many names, including poetic ones. But the essence is the same - these are light-textured products, as a rule, without fats in their composition (except for special oil anti-aging serums) and containing care components in high concentration. Due to the special texture, the serums are easily absorbed into the skin (which compares favorably with creams) and work more effectively on the tasks set. But it is precisely because of the high concentration of active substances that the serum should be applied to the face strictly according to the instructions - literally one or two drops. And in no case exceed the indicated dosages in an attempt to achieve a faster effect. For the same reason, some serums are recommended to be used in courses and be sure to take breaks. However, it rather depends on the specific medium and purpose of use. In any case, the instruction should contain this information.

Serum products are selected individually and depending on the tasks that you want to solve with their help. According to their action, they are divided into moisturizing, nourishing, soothing, eliminating inflammation, anti-stress and, of course, anti-aging, with a lifting effect. Thus, in accordance with their purpose, face serums can:

  • activate blood circulation and stimulate the work of the sebaceous glands;
  • normalize moisture balance, eliminate the feeling of dryness and tightness of the skin;
  • relieve inflammation while moisturizing the skin with nutrients;
  • strengthen blood vessels and remove antioxidants from the skin;
  • reduce excessive pigmentation, induce a natural "glow" due to the whitening effect;
  • delay the appearance of the first wrinkles;
  • eliminate small or significantly reduce deep wrinkles;
  • improve elasticity and affect the oval of the face.

Note also the fact that sera differ in the timing of the results. So, instant-action beauty products are able to even out the complexion overnight, reflective particles add "natural" radiance, moisturizing concentrates are immediately absorbed into the skin and affect elasticity. However, for a long time, the dazzling result will not be fixed.

Other serums are cumulative and work gradually over time. So, for example, serums with retinol, as well as other antioxidants, will have long-term results, but you will have to wait 4-6 weeks. But the components will reach the deepest layers of the skin, thereby providing an almost therapeutic effect.

An important point: any serum should be applied only to well-cleansed skin. As a rule, this is indicated in the instructions for use. After the serum has been absorbed, use your regular face cream.

Serums for young skin (up to 30 years old)

Young girls and women under 30 should look for antioxidant serums that prolong skin freshness while minimizing environmental impact. Moisturizing and tone-leveling serums have no contraindications, they can be used at any age, and in their youth they will serve as an excellent help for preventive care of delicate skin.

At the first wrinkles, you should look for face serums based on hyaluronic and glycolic acids. They should not be used every day, but 2-3 times a week to strengthen the skin, exfoliate and stimulate cell renewal and natural collagen production.


Almost all serums lighten the skin in some way, so they are not recommended for girls who are naturally dark. However, if the issue of "radiance" of the face without highlighters and other artificial means available in decorative cosmetics overshadows all others, then a serum with vitamin B3 will come to the rescue.

Often, young skin serums can be used even during adolescence. This is due to the fact that many serum products are aimed at treating acne or even acne, as well as other skin irritations in adolescents associated with transitional age and hormonal imbalances. Note that this period may take longer than many generally assume. Also, the skin as a whole may have a tendency to the appearance of various kinds of irritations, and in this case, anti-inflammatory serums will come to the rescue, which in this situation should be used 2-3 times a week. Anti-inflammatory serums gently exfoliate the skin, cleanse its surface from impurities, facilitating the access of oxygen to the cells.

Serum for radiance and even skin tone Absolue Precious Cells White Aura, Lancome. To stimulate the process of cellular renewal and correct skin imperfections. The serum, enriched with Pro-Xylane ™ molecule and White Rose extract, has a brightening effect, makes the skin glow and evens its tone.

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Serums for dry and dehydrated skin

Since sometimes moisturizing creams may not cope with their primary task, a moisturizing serum should be added to care for sensitive skin. Please note that all problems can be largely caused by the fact that you apply the product, not allowing it to be thoroughly absorbed before going outside. So, before the street wind sweeps over the skin, at least half an hour should pass, ideally 45 minutes.

If the skin is, in principle, dry or very dry, then serums with glycerin, amino acids, lactic and omnipotent hyaluronic acids should come to the rescue. These substances in serums retain moisture in the skin up to 20 times better than even the finest face cream.

Taking into account the climate and conditions of megalopolises, it is possible to start using such funds from 20-24 years. Those with collagen will come to the rescue immediately, as soon as the very first, invisible to the eye, skin aging processes begin to activate. This will serve as an effective prevention against wrinkles, while even somewhat delaying the time of their natural appearance.

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Anti-aging serums

According to many experts in the field of beauty, there is no more effective non-invasive (that is, without surgery, injections, etc.) means to combat skin aging. Anti-aging serums, of course, will not replace "beauty shots", but they can significantly improve the appearance of your face. True, such funds should be sought from premium cosmetic brands, since the compositions of anti-aging serums require completely different components and, accordingly, research, development and production costs.


Scientists identify 4 signs of skin aging: skin color, contrast, expressiveness and balance of cell renewal. The color, as a rule, becomes more grayish or yellowish, the contrast is manifested in pigmentation, by "expressiveness" we mean the features of the "tired face" (which, by the way, is a direct consequence of frequent stay in unventilated rooms at the computer), and the balance is disturbed through a slow refresh skin cells.

Rejuvenating serums stimulate facial skin renewal at the cellular level, in general, even out microrelief and tighten pores. Their use affects metabolic processes, prompting the skin to restore its properties on its own, improving elasticity and restoring its former tone. At the moment, there are even special serums aimed at solving skin problems that arise in women during menopause: sagging, decreasing density and blurring the oval of the face.

It is important to remember that anti-aging serums are a kind of "heavy artillery", and should be used strictly according to age and real problems, and not for prophylactic purposes. The fact is that our skin, like ourselves, quickly gets used to everything good, and if all useful substances come from the outside, then they will stop being produced on their own. Therefore, even in such an important matter as the fight against aging, you should know when to stop, remembering that for each age there is a range of effective remedies.

Light anti-aging serum Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Serum, LPrairie. Rejuvenates and refreshes the skin, visibly reducing the first signs of aging. Helps the skin adapt to everyday stressors that cause skin damage. For face, neck and décolleté.

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