How To Get Rid Of Neck Pain Arising From Working At The Computer?

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How To Get Rid Of Neck Pain Arising From Working At The Computer?
How To Get Rid Of Neck Pain Arising From Working At The Computer?

Video: How To Get Rid Of Neck Pain Arising From Working At The Computer?

Video: How To Get Rid Of Neck Pain Arising From Working At The Computer?
Video: 3 Quick Ways to Relieve Gamer's Neck Pain or E-sport/Computer Users) 2023, March

“I spend most of my time in front of the computer, which is why my neck often hurts. Are there any exercises or techniques to relieve tension and relax your neck muscles? And in general: how to properly work at the computer so as not to harm your back?"

Anna, 31

Expert's answer:

Pain and tension in the neck area is a misfortune for a modern person who spends most of his life at a computer or with gadgets in his hands. The neck bears enormous loads, because if the average weight of a person's head in an upright position is about 5 kg, then when it is tilted at an angle of 45-60 degrees, the weight for the neck is felt as 25-30 kg. To make this process easier to understand, imagine that you are holding a small dumbbell in your hand. When the hand is down, it is easy for you. But as soon as you stretch your hand to the side, you will feel how the muscles tighten, and with every minute it becomes harder for them to hold the dumbbell. The same thing happens with our neck.

To keep the head tilted or extended forward, it has to experience repeated stress. If the muscles of the neck are in spasm, then blood circulation and lymph drainage in the tissues of the face are disturbed. A double chin appears, puppet wrinkles, a floating oval of the face. Exercises on the side and back of the neck can help here, as a result of which it becomes longer, wrinkles are smoothed, the complexion improves, and swelling goes away. A set of neck exercises takes no more than 10-15 minutes, you can do them throughout the day. For example, the exercise "Correction of the" Text Neck " from the basic course of revitonics "Fundamentals of Rejuvenation" can be performed right at the workplace. The digital age forms a kind of neck static deformations associated with the advancement of the head towards the computer or gadgets. Doctors called this phenomenon "text neck syndrome."

Here is an exercise that allows you, step by step, to restore the correct cervical deflection, relieve stress from all the front structures of the neck, and reduce tension and swelling in the larynx. Follow the reception for 1 minute.

Under conditions of constant tension in the cervical spine, when working at a computer, the process of forming muscle spasms is accelerated many times over, which leads to a feeling of tension and soreness in the cervical spine. Therefore, the first thing to start with is to organize the workplace correctly by purchasing a special chair with orthopedic back and lumbar support. Balance the height of your chair and desk, your computer monitor, and the position and tilt of your keyboard.

Self-control of posture is also necessary: avoid pushing your neck forward - towards the monitor, try not to hunch over and keep your back straight. Keep your shoulders relaxed and your wrists and arms straight. Be sure to take breaks during the day, during which you perform the "Revitonics" techniques for the cervicobrachial region, paying particular attention to the back of the neck and occipital region.

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Anastasia Dubinskaya
Anastasia Dubinskaya

Anastasia Dubinskaya

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