"Ice" Diet: Summer Weight Loss Option

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"Ice" Diet: Summer Weight Loss Option
"Ice" Diet: Summer Weight Loss Option

Video: "Ice" Diet: Summer Weight Loss Option

Video: "Ice" Diet: Summer Weight Loss Option
Video: How to make Low Calorie Ice Cream that actually tastes good. 2023, March

Recently, the "ice" diet has gained momentum and is actively addicted to the inhabitants of the United States and Europe. At the origins of the "ice" diet is the American doctor Brian C. Weiner. It was he who advised to drink a liter of cold water daily with ice cubes for weight loss.

It takes more energy for the body to digest cold food, and due to the large amount of water, your feeling of hunger disappears.

The idea was taken up by British health and beauty expert Peta B. It was she who came up with the "ice" diet.

What is the essence of the "ice" diet?


The diet is designed for 6 weeks. These days, your diet should be meat (not processed foods), rice, vegetables, yogurt, whole grain bread, fruits - all chilled. A happy moment for the sweet tooth: you can even eat low-calorie ice cream and popsicles! But you should exclude soda, sweets and pastries from your diet - in general, any suppliers of fast carbohydrates.

Also, the principle of the "ice" diet is strict timing. You can eat dishes made from permitted products for 14 hours in a row, but you can’t eat the next 10 hours (the best option is to set aside the evening and night when hunger will not worry you).

During the diet, it is possible to lose from 5 to 20 kg.

How it works?

The body spends more energy on assimilating cold food. Most of the calories are spent on warming the chilled product. This means that you do not have to cut back on the diet for the sake of the cruel dietary requirements, it is enough just not to overeat and, of course, not to reheat food.

However, this does not mean that everyone who wants to lose weight needs to gnaw ice. Food should be refrigerated in moderation, otherwise you risk overloading the kidneys in 6 weeks.

Approximate ration of the "ice" diet for the day


Breakfast: a glass of cold water with ice

Snack: cottage cheese with sour cream, 200 g of fruit ice

Lunch: chilled mashed potatoes with chilled chicken fillet, chilled vegetable salad, iced green tea

Afternoon snack: chilled yogurt

Dinner: chilled vegetable salad

Before bed: a glass of ice water

Who is not allowed to sit on the "ice" diet?

Of course, you should not abuse chilled foods for those who have a cold, suffer from chronic diseases of the throat or nose, as well as gastritis or stomach ulcers.

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