Cindy Crawford's Workout: 7 Favorite Supermodel Exercises (video)

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Cindy Crawford's Workout: 7 Favorite Supermodel Exercises (video)
Cindy Crawford's Workout: 7 Favorite Supermodel Exercises (video)

Video: Cindy Crawford's Workout: 7 Favorite Supermodel Exercises (video)

Video: Cindy Crawford's Workout: 7 Favorite Supermodel Exercises (video)
Video: Синди Кроуфорд- Секрет идеальной фигуры. Workout #1 2023, March

The workouts of supermodels and stars of the 80s and 90s marked the heyday of the fitness culture. Girls around the world were in a hurry to try the exercises that helped celebrities keep their figure in perfect shape and look their best on the catwalk. Cindy Crawford was one of the first supermodels to reveal the secret of her fitness routine. The most popular model of her time, she released one video with the author's exercise complexes, which do not lose popularity today. Together with the founder of the TRIB3 fitness studio Igor Gaiduk, we have compiled a top list of the 90s supermodel's favorite fitness exercises.


1. Back lunges

Train: thighs (more quads) / buttocks.

Technique: Stand in a step - for example, right leg in front, body straight. Bending your knees, lower yourself down, slightly pulling your pelvis back, but leave the weight on your front leg. Return to the starting position through your front leg. Repeat on the other leg.

On video: from 13:45

2. Plie squat

Train: the adductors of the thigh / buttocks.

Technique: Place your hips wider than your shoulders and turn outward. Bending your knees down to parallel with the floor. Return to the starting position, pushing the floor with your feet and keeping your back straight.

On video: from 2:09

3. Abduction of the hip to the side while standing

We train: hips / buttocks.

Technique: Stand up straight, feet together. Keeping your back straight and strong abs, swing your leg to the side without changing position. Can be done with elastic around the ankles.

On video: from 12:23

4. Hip abduction lying on the side

We train: hips / buttocks.

Technique: starting position - on the side with straightened legs. Hold the floor with your upper hand. Keeping a straight line from head to feet, lift your upper leg towards the ceiling and bring it back.

On video: from 23:23

5. Push-ups from straight legs / from knees

We train: chest / back / arms.

Technique: Stand in support of the plank on straight arms (also read: "Plank Exercise: 5 Key Positions"), without falling into the shoulder blades and keeping a straight line from head to feet or knees. Keep the elbows at an angle of 45 degrees to the body. Bend your elbows and gently lower down to the limit and return to the top a little more actively.

On video: from 25:13

6. Alternate descent of straight legs lying on the back

Train: core muscles.

Technique: starting position - lying on the floor, arms along the body, legs in weight (you can bend at the knees). Maintain three points of contact with the floor: the back of the head, lower ribs and pelvis. Alternately lower your legs to the floor and lift them back up - so that the pressure of the above points of the body is not lost.

On video: from 31:01

7. Boat with alternate stretching of arms and legs

We train: the back line of the body.

Technique: lie on your stomach, stretch your legs and arms over your head. Dip the pubic bone into the floor, leave your gaze on the floor. Raise your chest, right arm, and left leg slightly off the floor, then change arms and legs. Your task is to "float" above the floor, lengthen, and then rise upward.

On video: from 1 h.: 01

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