Effective Treatments For Thin Hands

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Effective Treatments For Thin Hands
Effective Treatments For Thin Hands

Video: Effective Treatments For Thin Hands

Video: Effective Treatments For Thin Hands
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Even if the problems are minimal, they are treacherously visible in sleeveless dresses (especially in minimalistic ones, like Jil Sander and Sportmax, and short ones from the 1960s, like Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors, and these are the two main trends now). The skin on the hands is very thin, especially on the inner side, so here, first of all, loss of elasticity becomes noticeable and cellulite may appear.

Often, what we don't like about the shoulders is directly related to back problems.


In the struggle for the relief surface of the hands, it is fundamentally important not only to destroy fat traps, but also to actively maintain the elasticity of the skin, increasing its density with the help of cosmetics. “Hands require an integrated approach,” says Natalya Markina, a dermatologist at the Klazko clinic. - Traditionally, a good result is shown by the injection technique “Aqualiposculpture”, based on the introduction of lipolytics - substances that stimulate the decomposition of fat cells and block the process of their further formation. And I would also especially highlight the procedure called “Mesodissolution”. This is a subcutaneous injection into the area of accumulation of fat cells of a cocktail that includes not only lipolytics, but also a large amount of water for injection. The fluid fills the fat cell, membranes rupture,the cell is destroyed and then excreted from the body with lymph. That is why traditional drainage rituals such as massage, electromyostimulation, ultrasound procedures make the process of shaping graceful arms and shoulders as fast as possible.

“There is one more important thing to consider,” says Elena Gorbunova, a figure correction specialist at the Kraftway clinic. - Often what worries us in the shoulder area (not only pain, but also fat deposits, sagging skin) is directly related to problems in the back. A good specialist will definitely study your body as a whole and during the massage will work not only with one problem area. He will work his arms, shoulders, back, pay attention to the spine."



Aroma slimming

This ritual is a well-deserved hit of body modeling procedures. And although it does not promise a rapid reduction in volume, its obvious advantage lies in the delicacy of the action and, at the same time, an amazing effect on the quality of the skin. It all starts with a gentle warm-up in the infrared sauna. After that, the master applies a mild exfoliating lotion and makes a peeling based on an extract from a nutshell, while not just cleaning the epidermis, but actively stimulating cell renewal. The key point of care is the application of various essential oils to problem areas of the body. Pay attention to the word "different". Indeed, each composition fulfills its specific role. The complex based on extracts of cedar, pine, grape seeds is aimed at correcting the abdominal line. The Anti-complex with ficus, meadowsweet and ivy extracts promotes weight loss in the hand area,improves microcirculation and strengthens the tissues of the epidermis. The toning oil makes the skin smooth and elastic thanks to the oils of birch, rosemary, juniper berries. After 30 aroma minutes spent in a thermal blanket and the final application of a modeling cream that prolongs the active effect of the procedure for the whole day, the body becomes light, toned and free of excess fluid.

Body ligature plastic

The UltrLift technology has been developed specifically for lifting traditionally problem areas: upper arms, chest, buttocks. The problem of sagging skin is very acute after weight loss, especially after a significant or sharp one. This non-surgical lifting technique allows you to create clear contours, strengthen and tighten tissues. For local correction of body parts, the doctor uses ultra-thin, shortened threads made from environmentally friendly materials, and the latest biofixers, which guarantee jewelry (adjusted to a centimeter) accuracy of the design. The first result can be assessed already on the day of the procedure, and after two to three weeks it reaches its maximum and remains in this form for a long time. By the way,the tightening of problem areas is also accompanied by a pleasant rejuvenating effect - an active production of new collagen begins around the threads and a framework of young connective tissue is formed faster.


The ultrasonic liposuction technique is used to combat fat traps. It can be applied to any problem area, including the upper arms. The bottom line is that the doctor acts on the places of accumulation of adipocytes (fat cells) with low-frequency ultrasound. Ultrasound is an acoustic wave that causes the active formation of microbubbles in the intracellular fluid. Accumulating and increasing in size, they decisively liquefy fat and displace it from adipocytes. For better removal of decay products from the body, it is good to combine cavitation with lymphatic drainage massage and thalasso wraps. The safety and effectiveness of cavitation have long been proven, it is very popular all over the world. But the sessions should not be carried out more often than once every five days. And how many visits will be needed,only a specialist can decide - in each case in different ways.


The path to biceps and triceps like Madonna's lies through home exercises with dumbbells (from 1.5 to 3 kg), swimming and Pilates. Fortunately, the arms are much more responsive to exercise than the hips. But fat accumulates on them faster. In pursuit of the perfect body, be vigilant! In the world of beauty, there are many dubious ways to combat cellulite.

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