How To Care For Your Hair In Summer: Expert Advice

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How To Care For Your Hair In Summer: Expert Advice
How To Care For Your Hair In Summer: Expert Advice

Video: How To Care For Your Hair In Summer: Expert Advice

Video: How To Care For Your Hair In Summer: Expert Advice
Video: Summer Haircare Tips & Tricks For Healthy Hair | How To Take Care Of Your Hair In Summer | Femina 2023, March

How to add shine

Shiny hair is an indicator of youth and vitality. Dull color visually ages. To solve the problem of maintaining shine at the proper level, advice from hair expert Evgeny Zhuk will help.

If your hair is naturally straight, apply a thermal spray first, and then use an iron. It smoothes hair as much as possible and visually adds shine to it.

For owners of curls who do not seek to straighten them, I still recommend that you lightly iron the strands while drying with a hairdryer, gently rolling them on a round brush. Keep the hair dryer so that it always looks down - and never up, against the growth of hair. This will make the hair more disciplined and not stick out in different directions - this will maintain and enhance a healthy shine.

Poor dyeing, washed dye color, split ends, fleece, a large amount of varnish (especially on loose hair) and just a "dirty head" make the hair look faded and extremely unattractive. If you just eliminate these points from your life, everything will become much easier.

Shine creams generally contain less silicone and therefore work well for fine to medium hair. It is best to leave the serum to owners of tight, curly or naughty curls.

Apply shine spray correctly. While your hair is still warm from the hair dryer, lower your head down and spray on the ends only. So a minimum of the product gets to the roots, and the strands will not look greasy and greasy. If you need retouching during the day, spray some of the product on your hands and comb your hair with it.


How to increase volume

Top stylist Alexander Krasheninnikov always has a few more practical tips on how to visually increase hair volume.

Wash your hair with special "volume" products. They work. Then use a styling base. For best results, root volume lotion can also be applied. Then proceed to blow-dry. This should be done against the natural growth of hair, helping yourself with a flat brush. Don't be alarmed! At first glance, you get a disordered mass of curls. And the first thing to do in this situation is to let them cool down after the hot air. It is this "abstinence" that will fix the received volume. Finish styling with a round brush, curling iron, or simply distribute your hair with your hands.

It is best to use a traditional dry hair spray to set the result. The main thing is that it is not very strong fixation. Apply it from a long distance, first to the roots, and then along the entire length. But varnish is not the last stage of installation. Once it's dry, be sure to comb your hair with a large-toothed comb.

Use shampoos and conditioners for volume. These products are formulated with ingredients that envelop the hair and thus thicken it. Sometimes it makes sense to wash your hair twice before applying conditioner. The cleaner the curls, the easier it is to "beat" them to the desired mass. But if you use several styling aids every day, then at least once a week, turn to preparations for deep hair cleaning. They will help you get rid of the guaranteed "building materials" that gave the hair height.

Dry shampoo can help create extra volume. After you have washed and dried (after using a root volume product) your head, divide dry hair into small strands and spray dry shampoo moderately onto the scalp. Give it five minutes to settle, and the volume is ready.


How to mask overgrown roots

Regrown hair roots are not a problem that needs to be addressed immediately. They add volume to the hairstyle and fashionable casualness to the look. But it so happens that the contrast becomes too obvious, and there are still a few weeks before meeting with the colorist. There are two ways to go: either use tinting products or take advantage of the masking tips from stylist and private label creator Frederic Fekkaya.

Play with a parting. When the hair is loose, the regrown roots are most visible along the parting line. There they are just as in the palm of your hand! A clear difference in color can help mask the messy separation of strands without a clear boundary line. Start styling as usual, then tilt your head towards your chest and lift it very slowly so that your hair hangs forward. Gently push the strands away from your face, letting them fall naturally.

Don't pull your hair too tight, especially if you're wearing a high ponytail or pulling it up. In short, overgrown roots are a good reason to wear curls loosely, adding volume and texture to them. To begin with, lightly comb the strands at the roots - this will give a little volume, and in addition, "press" the color to the scalp. For those for whom loose hair does not suit, you can make a side parting and collect everything in a slightly tousled bun right at the back of the head.

Braid your braid. A thin braid along the hairline will bring together all the colors and create shadows, making dark roots look like a deliberate and creatively thought-out toning.

Root retouching kits only work if used correctly. Whether it's an mascara brush or a brush, keep your hair straight and dye the strands up from the roots. Then rub the dye into the hair shaft with your fingers to blend everything. If you like parted hair and perfectly straight hair, put on the masking kits for regrown roots - this is your option.

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