Garnier's Green Beauty Redefines Sustainable Beauty

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Garnier's Green Beauty Redefines Sustainable Beauty
Garnier's Green Beauty Redefines Sustainable Beauty

Video: Garnier's Green Beauty Redefines Sustainable Beauty

Video: Garnier's Green Beauty Redefines Sustainable Beauty

The beauty industry needs more than ever a responsible approach of companies to production processes and a willingness to respond to current global challenges. Today, the main one is the problem of environmental pollution, which requires the consolidation of all industry players. In this regard, Garnier announces the launch of a large-scale initiative Green Beauty, which includes the removal of the brand from the use of primary plastic, a transition to reusable, recyclable and compostable packaging and a carbon neutral regime.

The brand is focused on sustainable development, which is associated with the following measures:

  • By 2025, the Garnier brand will completely eliminate the use of primary plastic in packaging, thus saving 37,000 tons of plastic annually.
  • By 2025, all packaging will be reusable, recyclable or compostable.
  • By 2022, all plant and renewable ingredients used will be sourced from sustainable sources.
  • By 2025, the brand will improve the environmental profile of all products.
  • By 2025, 100% of manufacturing facilities will be carbon neutral.
  • Carbon dioxide emissions from manufacturing plants have already dropped by 72%.
  • By 2025, the brand will empower 800 communities around the world through its Solidarity Procurement program.

“The Green Beauty Initiative will revolutionize the way we do business. It was created with the participation of our partners, researchers and buyers to help us progress from specific tasks to achieving ambitious global goals. We promise to reduce our impact on the planet and create innovative solutions for sustainable development in the future. It will take time, but the Green Beauty initiative will transform Garnier and hopefully the beauty industry as a whole.”

Adrienne Koskas, Garnier Global President

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