Pierre Ducan's Diet: Pros And Cons

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Pierre Ducan's Diet: Pros And Cons
Pierre Ducan's Diet: Pros And Cons

Video: Pierre Ducan's Diet: Pros And Cons

Video: Pierre Ducan's Diet: Pros And Cons
Video: Dukan Diet Latest Trend in Weight Loss 2023, March

The French doctor, who blew up my and the rest of the world with his book “I Can't Lose Weight,” suggests losing weight in four stages. His method, already mastered by Jennifer Lopez and his sisters Kate and Pippa Middleton (and at the same time dubbed by the UK Healthy Eating Association "the most absurd, unscientific and unhealthy diet of today") is based on high protein foods. The basis of the diet is fish, meat, eggs, which satisfy hunger well.

1st stage "Attack"

Should not exceed seven days. Assumes a fairly monotonous diet, including only protein of animal origin: beef, horse meat, liver, tongue, skinless chicken, any fish, low-fat dairy products and eggs. All this can and should be taken with plenty of liquid. For normal bowel function, a little oat bran is offered.


2nd stage "Alternation"

Boiled or raw vegetables are gradually added to the menu of the first stage: cucumbers, spinach, asparagus, celery, cabbage, peppers, beets. Now the nutritional scheme looks like this - purely "protein" days alternate with "proteins + vegetables" days. You set the rhythm of alternation yourself: one to one, two to two …

3rd stage "Fixing"

Time to hold on to your weight and not break loose. The duration of this stage is directly proportional to the amount of weight dropped. One lost kilogram is 10 days of “fixing”. Now not only vegetables are added to the “proteins”, but also fruits (except for bananas and grapes), cheese and vegetables containing starch. A prerequisite is to declare a completely "protein" day once a week.

4th stage "Stabilization"

You can return to your usual diet, but at the same time follow two rules. First, eat only those foods that contain pure protein one day a week. Second, eat three tablespoons of oat bran every day. And always live in this mode.


The first week of the diet is the most revealing. It is at this time that an active breakdown of fats occurs and four to five kilograms of excess weight go away. Well, during the entire program, at least nine kilograms should evaporate.


Yulia Bastrigina, nutritionist, independent expert

The popularity of any diet aimed at the mass consumer, above all, lies in the right marketing. In this case, this is the promise of fast weight loss without hunger pangs, using positive feedback from non-specialists and augmenting the positive qualities of certain foods (our enemy is carbohydrates, and proteins are friends). By the way, on the official website of Ducan there is a super offer - "Calculate your weight for free." And then there is a banal weight calculator, there are as many as you want on the Internet. At the same time, it is not mentioned at the beginning that the consumer will have to indicate his email address, obviously, for further reminders of himself and sending out diet spam.

At its core, Ducan's nutritional system is a variation of the Atkins diet and the Kremlin diet. Losing weight "on proteins" is generally more comfortable than on low-calorie vegetable diets. Because proteins quickly saturate and require more energy for digestion than other nutrients (fats and carbohydrates). In addition, the book contains many recipes that create the effect of "abundance", which is very humane, since a person taking the path of weight loss is afraid of prohibitions and restrictions.

However, the beginning of the diet is quite aggressive: an excessive protein load, rapid fat loss lead to increasing intoxication. This, in turn, negatively affects the function of the biliary system, which in some people can cause an exacerbation of chronic diseases: cholecystitis, kidney stones.

By the way, those who follow the Ducan diet almost always have a worsening skin condition. After all, carbohydrates are responsible for the water-salt balance, and therefore, indirectly, for the elasticity of the skin. Fats supply the body with vitamins A and E, the lack of which leads to flaking and dryness. Even the temporary absence of these components is fraught with irreversible consequences. And the last thing: serious intoxication (absorption of toxic products caused by the decay of excess protein food in the intestines) leads to discoloration of tissues - the skin becomes dull and lifeless.

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