How To Overcome A Weight Loss Plateau?

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How To Overcome A Weight Loss Plateau?
How To Overcome A Weight Loss Plateau?

Video: How To Overcome A Weight Loss Plateau?

Video: How To Overcome A Weight Loss Plateau?
Video: How to overcome a Weight-Loss Plateau 2023, March

“During the quarantine, I gained three extra pounds - for me this is a lot. And despite the restrictions on food and regular training, I can not get the weight off the ground. To improve the performance, I began to look at the sites and select procedures for myself, but there were so many of them that it was very difficult to make the right choice. I would be extremely grateful if you can tell me a program of 2-3 methods that will help you lose weight."

Reader, 41

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It must be understood that in the conditions of self-isolation, most people were limited in physical activity. In such conditions, even with proper and balanced nutrition, it was possible to gain a few extra pounds.

Weight gain can be directly related to stagnation in the body, therefore, to reduce it, it is necessary to use an integrated approach, consisting of the following components: proper nutrition, increasing cardio loads and hardware techniques to stimulate metabolism.

In addition to proper and balanced nutrition, it is necessary to increase the cardio load (walking, cycling, swimming, playing outdoors). Hardware techniques for weight correction should be aimed at restoring lymphatic and venous outflow and stimulating metabolic processes - both in fat cells and in the body as a whole. In this case, the most effective procedures are: pressotherapy, LPG massage and SuperSculpt. All three methods contribute to the active removal of intercellular fluid from the body, improve the quality and turgor of the skin, and correct the figure.

This occurs due to the physiological restoration of venous and lymphatic outflow, as well as due to the activation of metabolic processes inside the body, which further trigger the processes of lipolysis (splitting) of adipose tissue.

The pressotherapy procedure has practically no contraindications, so it can be performed at any age. Moreover, it is a good prevention of cellulite. Pressotherapy should be carried out in courses of 10 procedures 3-4 times a week. A variant of complex therapy is possible, when several procedures are carried out on the same day, as, for example, in the case of the SplitFat System method of hardware non-surgical liposuction. With the help of a low-level athermic (cold) laser, adipose tissue undergoes lipolysis (lipolysis), after which the destroyed fat fraction is removed from the body. For faster removal of decay products, pressotherapy is connected to the SplitFat System complex treatment. The SplitFat System procedure is carried out in a course of 6 to 12 procedures, depending on the anatomical features and volumes of the patient's adipose tissue.

SuperSculpt is a technique aimed at stimulating lipolysis processes (fat breakdown) and their further elimination. It combines the most effective methods of physiological weight loss, aimed at body shaping, weight loss and restoration of metabolic processes in the body. It is possible to carry out both a mono-procedure and to combine it with other hardware technologies - for example, with the SplitFat System to obtain a more pronounced result. A full course consists of 10 procedures with an interval of 3-4 times a week.

LPG - vacuum-roller massage, due to which subcutaneous fat is broken down. It activates lymphatic outflow and enhances microcirculation, resulting in reduced congestion and fibrotic changes in tissues.

When choosing procedures and treatment regimen, it is necessary to take into account the anatomy of the body, its condition and individual characteristics.

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