10 Beauty Tips From Charlize Theron

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10 Beauty Tips From Charlize Theron
10 Beauty Tips From Charlize Theron

Video: 10 Beauty Tips From Charlize Theron

Video: 10 Beauty Tips From Charlize Theron
Video: Charlize Theron's Secrets to Remaining Ageless at 44 Years Old 2023, March

The Oscar winner devotes a lot of time to charity, not forgetting to take care of herself. The model, actress and face of J'adore Dior shared how she maintains beauty.

  • My stylist advised me to use the oil as a hair conditioner. As soon as I have a little more time for myself, I definitely do a hair mask.
  • My makeup artist taught me one trick. If the look looks tired, you need to bring up the inner lash line with a karanash-concealer.
  • I use a high spf face cream every day. Necessarily! Even in winter, even when cloudy, it is constant. And not with SPF 15, but with all 50!
  • Moisturization is very important for the skin, my mother taught me this.
  • I am constantly trying new moisturizers. So the skin will not develop immunity to one remedy.
  • I cleanse my skin as gently as possible and do not use makeup remover.
  • I gain confidence in my body from yoga. It gives energy and heals the body. I used to ride a bike a lot, because it relieved the stress on the knee joints.
  • I try to blow-dry my hair less often. Therefore, if I do not need to go to work, I can leave the house with a wet head.
  • Be gentle on the skin around your eyes, do not rub too hard when rinsing off the mascara. I usually put some eye cream on a cotton swab and wipe off any remaining mascara.
  • To make the skin glowing, I apply a loose shimmer. I don't use compact powders.

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