FOREO's Birthday: Top 7 Achievements In 7 Years

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FOREO's Birthday: Top 7 Achievements In 7 Years
FOREO's Birthday: Top 7 Achievements In 7 Years

Video: FOREO's Birthday: Top 7 Achievements In 7 Years

Video: FOREO's Birthday: Top 7 Achievements In 7 Years
Video: Cube Escape Collection Achievement Walkthrough- 7 Birthday 2023, March

In 2013, the first FOREO brush, LUNA, appeared in Stockholm, developed by the ideological mastermind and creator of the brand, Philip Sedic. Seven years have passed since that moment, during which the Swedish brand made one breakthrough after another and eventually became one of the strongest players in the beauty industry. In the shortest possible time, the brand has grown from a startup to a world-class company and changed the way we think about home care. We list the main achievements of the brand in seven points.

1. New life for silicone

The LUN gadget is equipped with soft non-porous silicone, which provides the most gentle and effective skin cleansing due to its high resistance to bacteria and greater hygiene compared to nylon and its analogues.

2. Original rethinking of design and functionality

Smart, bright and simple - this trio became the slogan of technologies that formed the basis of the brand's gadgets. They have a pleasant, laconic design, long-lasting battery and can be controlled using a mobile application - with one touch of your finger on the smartphone screen. Home care with FOREO has become convenient and personalized and has marked a new leading direction in the beauty industry.

3. Smart care for everyone

“In November 2018, the FOREO LUNmini 2 brush became the second most popular product after the new iPhone on the international trading platform Tmall. For a company that produces a highly specialized product, this is an incredible result, "- shared the results in one of his interviews with the general director of the brand in Russia Haris Sarach.


4. T-Sonic ™ technology

FOREO's patented T-Sonic ™ sonic pulsations deliver up to 8000 ppm of intensity that even the deepest dirt cannot resist. In the UFO 2 and UFO mini 2 gadgets, even more pulsations are involved - up to 1000 / min, and in the IRIS eye area massager, these same pulsations are supplemented with special movements that imitate manual massage. It is not surprising that the result from the use of such a device is always evident: the muscles of the face relax, wrinkles become less noticeable, and the skin becomes smoother, fresher and more toned.

5. The power of AI

In addition to the patented T-Sonic ™ technology, the brand is actively introducing the capabilities of artificial intelligence into its developments: for example, two years ago FOREO released LUNfofo, the world's first cleansing smart brush, which, thanks to the embedded AI, analyzes the condition of the skin and gives recommendations for cleansing depending on the level skin moisture. A year ago, the brand made another breakthrough in this direction: the LUN3 brush was introduced to the market, which allows personalized care by synchronizing with the FOREO For You mobile app.

6. Conscious consumption is the main credo

By purchasing the brand's gadgets, you are opting for a long-term investment in your beauty and the environment. For devices of the Swedish brand, you do not need to buy additional accessories, and one LUN gadget will serve you up to 10 years. In addition, a special timer is built into the brush mechanism, which allows you to control water consumption, and powerful silicone attachments remove makeup efficiently and reduce the use of cotton pads, which, as you know, are not biodegradable.


7. Home care, like in a salon

During the period of quarantine and self-isolation, FOREO UFO 2 gadgets have become a real salvation for fans of salon procedures, because the device combines four technologies at the same time: spectral phototherapy, thermal and cryotherapy, as well as T-Sonic pulsations.

The week from 2 to 8 August promises many surprises: the brand's devices can be purchased at a discount on, as well as on the websites and stores of retailers: Rive Gauche, Zolotoe Yabloko and LUN2 and LUN3 face cleansing and massage brushes - -15% LUNmini 2 and LUNfofo cleansing brushes - -20% UFO smart masks - -15% IRIS - -25% ESPAD- -30% You can buy FOREO Sweden beauty devices at 11 Rive Gauche stores (in Moscow and St. Petersburg) and online, in the entire Zolotoe Yabloko chain of stores, on FOREO and

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