Smile In A Million: Anti-age Therapy For Health And Whiteness Of Teeth

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Smile In A Million: Anti-age Therapy For Health And Whiteness Of Teeth
Smile In A Million: Anti-age Therapy For Health And Whiteness Of Teeth

Video: Smile In A Million: Anti-age Therapy For Health And Whiteness Of Teeth

Video: Smile In A Million: Anti-age Therapy For Health And Whiteness Of Teeth
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Why do teeth darken?

Do not forget about the genetic factor (for example, if a woman took medications during pregnancy, this can also affect the color of the child's teeth), but, of course, age affects the smile: over time, calcium is washed out of the dental tissues, the enamel becomes thinner, and dentin becomes darker in color. And with age, they begin to appear in our diet - and even prevail! - food products that directly affect the color of tooth enamel. The pigments of such products get inside the tooth enamel, changing its color. The components of the enamel try to fight against such pigments, but with age it becomes more and more difficult for them to organize effective "protection", and the teeth become dull - they turn yellow, gray, etc.

What foods are the most dangerous for teeth?

First of all, these are foodstuffs containing strong coloring pigments. The most common are tea (both black and green), coffee, red wine, dye-based sweets, various sauces.

Diluting them with milk helps to avoid discoloration of teeth from coffee and tea. With regard to fruits and other drinks, as well as sweets, it is best to brush your teeth (or rinse your mouth with water) after eating "coloring" food.

An important point: some of the products may not stain the tooth tissue directly, but contribute to the weakening of tooth enamel and its further destruction. These are, for example, fruits, the acid of which damages the enamel (orange, lemon, etc.). Favorite by many "Coca-Cola" and other carbonated drinks with acids (especially bright colors) with acids in the composition also slowly destroy enamel, so it is better to drink them through a straw. Smoking also contributes to the formation of pigmented plaque and discoloration of the teeth (smokers especially need professional oral hygiene, during which the teeth get rid of the accumulated plaque and lighten to a natural shade).


How to keep your teeth white?

If possible, replace tea and coffee with plain water (or dilute them with milk). Eat strawberries, because they are rich in macro and microelements that our enamel needs so much. This delicious berry contains fluoride, calcium, vitamin C, potassium and other components that help strengthen and restore tooth tissues. Remember that any solid foods (such as carrots) help to cleanse your teeth and prevent plaque build-up. Use the chewing gum in dosage: spit it out immediately after the original taste disappears - only such use of it can be beneficial for the teeth.

Do not get carried away with whitening pastes and combine them with fluoride ones: they contain rather aggressive microparticles that grind the surface of the tooth, and with constant use can harm the tooth enamel.

Mouth guards, strips, pastes used for home whitening are, in principle, quite safe: in their composition, unlike professional means for "office" whitening, they contain low-concentrated substances - they can not harm either teeth or oral cavity. But it is mandatory to consult a dentist before using them (especially if you have hypersensitivity of your teeth, are allergic to hydrogen peroxide, or have fillings on your front teeth).


5 foods to keep your teeth healthy and whiter

Apples and pears

They contain a large amount of water, iron and vitamins. With regular use of apples, the gums are strengthened and the breath "refreshed". In addition, apples help to remove stains on teeth and lighten enamel as needed.


This natural "toothbrush" also helps to remove plaque from the teeth. Carrots will also keep bacteria and germs out of your mouth.


It contains malic acid, which helps to "wash away" dark spots on the teeth. It is also rich in vitamin C, which keeps the gums healthy.

Clear liquids

Soda, coffee, red wine, as already mentioned, do not accompany bleaching. Transparent liquids, on the other hand, help teeth acquire a pearly white hue.


Contains a lot of calcium, which helps to maintain healthy teeth.

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