25 Things That Harm Your Skin

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25 Things That Harm Your Skin
25 Things That Harm Your Skin

Video: 25 Things That Harm Your Skin

Video: 25 Things That Harm Your Skin
  • One of the most dangerous things for your face is a dirty pillowcase. It accumulates a huge amount of bacteria, dirt and your own old cells. This is a real biological bomb, so do not forget to defuse it at least once every two weeks.

  • The constant change of skin makeup is worse than any horror movie. Not having time to get used to one composition, she is forced to immediately adapt to a new one. And allergies are not far from being earned.
  • Protect your skin from hair styling products. They contain substances that not only clog pores, but practically seal them, preventing sweat from flowing freely.
  • Too frequent eyebrow shaping can also harm the skin. Pulling out hairs, you create micro-wounds, so do not forget to wipe the treated area with a disinfecting lotion after the session. Also remember that wounds must have time to heal between treatments.
  • Do not store clothing in plastic covers or bags. Yes, you may save her from the dust, but her skin will not say thanks. The longer plastic and clothing are in contact, the more harmful chemicals penetrate the tissue, and there it is not far from inflammation and other infections.

  • Think about sunny days. You are driving in a car (it does not matter whether you are driving or as a passenger), and here is one half of your body in the shade, and the other under the scorching rays. Surely you used a sunscreen, right? And, of course, you know that his absence in this case will lead to sunburn?
  • A heart-to-heart conversation with a friend on a cell phone can be a big problem for skin health. It's all about the bacteria that accumulate on the tube. Remember to periodically wipe down your portable friend with antibacterial wipes. After all, wherever he just lay (see also: Dangerous Liaisons: 5 problems that a smartphone creates for your skin).
  • No office is complete without conditioners, so be sure to stock up on water and moisturizers to avoid turning your skin into wrinkled raisins. After all, conditioned air dries out the skin better than any hair dryer.

  • Passive smoking is no better than active smoking, it causes the same wrinkles and premature aging.
  • Avoid makeup for a couple of days and let your skin breathe and rest to prevent signs of aging.
  • Remember your lips. They also need hydration and care. Use special creams, not those that come to hand. You don't put foot cream on your cheeks, do you?
  • Don't forget to wipe your sunglasses. Bacteria that accumulate on them can cause irritation and a rash on the bridge of the nose (see also: Makeup for glasses-eyed people: 4 rules for how not to fail).
  • Waxing is a traumatic procedure, after which the skin must be given at least three weeks to recover. So try to increase the interval between epilation trips so that later you don't have problems with ingrown hairs and other not very aesthetic things (we mean acne).

  • Scrubs are scrubs because they are tough and designed to exfoliate dead skin cells, so they should be used infrequently. Otherwise, the skin will not have time to recover, and you will simply scratch it.
  • An excessive amount of salt in your diet leads to an imbalance in water balance, which means dry skin, which, like us, cannot live without water.
  • Remember to get your eyes checked annually. Once again, frowning, trying to see something important, you once again tense the muscles of your face and create new wrinkles.
  • Fasting harms the skin as much as the stomach. Lack of vitamins and minerals leads to a dull complexion and loss of elasticity.
  • A long hot shower may be pleasing to you, but not to your skin. Elastic scalding streams of water wash away the upper layer of the epidermis, which leads to itching, flaking and dryness.
  • Chlorinated pool water is our worst enemy. Everyone knows about this, but for some reason they continue to neglect the rules of hygiene. Be sure to shower after your swim using super foaming shower gels and good soap.
  • Obviously, sleeping with makeup is a nightmare for any enlightened girl, but perhaps we'll briefly explain why again. Bacteria, clogged pores, inflammation, acne, spending too much on cosmetology and medicated ointments.
  • Dehydration, coupled with caffeine, can lead to faster wrinkles. So either drink 2 liters a day or limit yourself to a small cup of coffee at breakfast.
  • Squeezing acne leads to an increase in the healing time of inflammation. In addition, in this way you "drive" the bacteria that caused the hated pimple even deeper into the skin, simultaneously introducing infections, than giving life to another problem that will jump up as soon as the old one heals.
  • Stress is the cause of age spots and redness. Of course, it is impossible to avoid it, but it is worth trying to reduce it. Does one snobby acquaintance annoy you? Stop communicating with him!
  • Sugar, like salt, is healthy only in moderation. If salt dehydrates, the sugar affects collagen, which makes the skin firm. So an excessive amount of candy leads not only to excess weight, but also to sagging skin.
  • A sedentary lifestyle prevents blood from bubbling through the veins, which means that the skin is not getting enough of it. So it's your choice: a lot of sports and a beautiful complexion, or sit around with acne and a dull complexion.

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