How To Fix A Broken Nail Yourself: 3 Express Ways

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How To Fix A Broken Nail Yourself: 3 Express Ways
How To Fix A Broken Nail Yourself: 3 Express Ways

Video: How To Fix A Broken Nail Yourself: 3 Express Ways

Video: How To Fix A Broken Nail Yourself: 3 Express Ways
Video: DIY Fix Your Broken Nail Fast 2023, March

A broken nail is one of the most common beauty problems. And it is especially unpleasant to face her when you have finally grown the length of nails you need and want, and one of them decided that now is the time to give up.

In such a case, the most important thing is not to let the situation get completely out of control and manage to save the remnants of its former splendor. Of course, the ideal alignment is the opportunity to rehabilitate the nail at home, without wasting time visiting the salon. Together with the specialists of the Frau Klinik network of plastic surgery and cosmetology clinics, we have collected several life hacks that will help you fix a broken nail yourself.

Method number 1

The first method is one of the simplest and most affordable. You will need two tools for it: glue and a tea bag. Many people doubt whether it is possible to use superglue for this: on an ongoing basis, of course, not, but there will be no problems from a single use, and the nail will be saved.

Cut a piece from the tea bag that is large enough to completely cover your crack in your nail, then sand and degrease the nail. If you don't have a special degreaser at hand, replace it with any cosmetic alcohol-containing product - the same antiseptic or perfume.


Next, apply a layer of glue (nail glue or superglue) to and around the crack. Place a tea bag on top and another layer of glue on top. Wait for the nail to dry well and sand around the edges to create a smooth transition from patch to nail. This simple method will help to save the nail in the most urgent situation. But, of course, it should not be abused.

Method number 2

For the second fix you will need the same glue and acrylic powder. Treat the crack with glue from various sides, even the inside. Then dip your nail into acrylic powder and wait for it to dry.

Next, go through sanding to align everything - now the nail looks like new. If you usually use gel polishes, then in the same way you can close the crack even at the stage of applying the base using acrylic powder.

Apply the base to the nail, filling the entire crack with it, and dry the nail in the lamp. Then spread the second layer of the base, but sprinkle it with acrylic powder before drying. Then remove excess powder, apply the base again and dry the nail thoroughly. After these manipulations, you can follow the usual sequence of applying gel polish to the already repaired nail.

Method number 3

If your crack is very deep, you can combine the above two methods in order to get the best repair result. To do this, fill the crack with the base as much as possible with the first layer, and before sending it into the lamp, put a piece of a tea bag on the place of the break. Wait until it is completely saturated, and only then dry your nails in the lamp. Next, apply another layer of the base and dry it, after that you can proceed as usual, since your nail is actually repaired.


How do you prevent your nails from breaking?

The choice of one or another method of nail repair is yours, but in order to prevent such situations from arising, do not forget to watch your nails. If they break often, the problem must be solved from the inside. There are several ways to prevent brittle nails that will help bring their general condition back to normal.

  • Pay attention to your diet. If it does not contain red fish, vegetables and berries, fruits, meat, dairy and fermented milk products, they must be included in the absence of any individual contraindications. Keep track of sufficient protein intake - it is its lack in the body that most often provokes excessive fragility of the nail plate.
  • Forget about gel polish for a while - this will help you restore the nail plate (read also: "How to remove gel polish at home: 4 easy ways").
  • Change your nail polish remover: Find an acetone-free product that is less aggressive.
  • Take care of your hands: use oils and creams, make hand baths.
  • Remember to wear rubber gloves if you clean up regularly. Any home chemistry aggressively affects both the skin of the hands and the condition of the nails.

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