What To Do If A Care Product Irritates The Skin?

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What To Do If A Care Product Irritates The Skin?
What To Do If A Care Product Irritates The Skin?

Video: What To Do If A Care Product Irritates The Skin?

Video: What To Do If A Care Product Irritates The Skin?
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“I don't always have a relationship with care products the first time. Once I overdid it with retinol - the skin began to peel off, reddened, irritation appeared. It happens that the eyelids swell after applying a new eye cream. How should you proceed in such cases? Is it really easy to throw away the product and never use it again?"

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Let's figure it out in order:

Overdoing it with retinol or night peels - the skin began to peel off

Unfortunately, many external agents, whether medicinal or anti-aging, can cause contact dermatitis (irritation of the skin in the area of application) due to the fact that they contain active substances for deep penetration into the skin.

In this case, you need to proceed as follows:

1. Stop using the drug - at least temporarily, for 3-5 days. This will allow the skin to recover.

2. During the "rest" use means that restore the hydrolipid layer of the skin, as well as wound healing agents. These include emollients, multilamellar emulsions, gel wound dressings with regenerating components (glycerin, arnica, bisabolol, panthenol). It is better to apply them as soon as active irritation appears, after cleansing the skin with a mild sulfate-free preparation. The frequency of application can reach 5-7 times a day as discomfort appears on the skin, and the course of use lasts 3-5 days. Subsequently, it is important to remember about a similar reaction of the skin to the composition and to build care already taking into account these features.

The eyelids and the area around the eyes are swollen from the cream around the eyes

This is often associated with excessive application of the product and a fairly high concentration of hyaluronic acid in its composition. Apply the cream only on a motionless eyelid, the amount of the product should be the same as a match head. In addition, it is better to consider formulations with a lower percentage of hyaluronic acid, and with a higher percentage of collagen and beneficial polysaccharides.

The facial treatment did not fit and caused severe skin irritation (redness)

We'll have to cancel the funds and switch to neutral ones with wound-healing components (soap-free cleansers, moisturizing based on hyaluronic acid and anti-inflammatory substances - glycerritic acid, ceramides, linoleic and linolenic acids, phosphatidylcholine). After a week, you can try to "return back" one tool at a time to find out which particular drug the skin reacted to, but do this no more than once every few days.

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