What Foods Help Your Brain Work More Productively?

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What Foods Help Your Brain Work More Productively?
What Foods Help Your Brain Work More Productively?

Video: What Foods Help Your Brain Work More Productively?

Video: What Foods Help Your Brain Work More Productively?
Video: How the food you eat affects your brain - Mia Nacamulli 2023, March

Recently, a lot of popular science literature has been published on the human brain and memory, but most of the programs are designed for special classes. Is it possible to “feed” the brain with nutrition - just taking care of it every day, working out an appropriate diet?"

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Endless deadlines at work, family affairs, additional education and self-development - how to do everything? One of the ways is to increase the efficiency of the brain, that is, choose the right diet for yourself. Our brain is 60% fat, so you shouldn't practice a "low-fat" diet for a long time. For full-fledged brain activity, it is necessary to include fatty seafood and fish in the diet: they are high in polyunsaturated fatty acids - Omega-3 and Omega-6, which the brain uses to restore nerve cells and protect against toxins and infections. Butter and vegetable oils are extremely beneficial for the brain.

Complex carbohydrates (whole grain bread, cereals, pasta), which serve as a rich source of energy, are no less necessary for well-coordinated brain activity. They got their name because of the speed of assimilation: getting into our body, they begin to act instantly. For example, about 50% of eaten chocolate is immediately dissolved in the mouth. Taste receptors, perceiving such a treat, signal the production of endorphins - a group of chemical compounds that are produced in the neurons of the brain. The importance and role of endorphins for humans can hardly be underestimated: it is not only a "hormone of joy", but also one of the main participants in the work of vital organs and the immune system.

The brain needs oxygen to function properly. However, even long walks, especially in megacities, do not have the desired effect. To improve the saturation of the brain with oxygen, you need to add potatoes, parsley, mint, horseradish, radishes, onions, tomatoes to your menu. It is also important to include in the diet various types of meat, poultry, fish, legumes. This way your body is guaranteed to receive the most essential amino acids. It is better to use them with herbs and non-starchy vegetables to maintain metabolic processes at the proper level.

And, finally, you need to "water" your brain in time. So that he literally does not dry out from lack of water, a person should drink at least 1.5-2 liters a day. It is better to strive to give yourself alkaline water, a liquid separated into alkaline and acidic fractions by electrolysis. Pay special attention to water with the addition of a mineral composition from coral: it makes the water tastier and healthier due to the optimal pH for health.

Improper eating behavior and unhealthy eating habits - lack of breakfast, violation of the diet with long breaks between meals, overeating, a hearty dinner before bed, restrictive diets, lack of water - often cause insufficient brain supply with nutrients and oxygen, and this is immediately reflected on the efficiency of brain activity.

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