5 Young Georgian Designers You Need To Know

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5 Young Georgian Designers You Need To Know
5 Young Georgian Designers You Need To Know

Video: 5 Young Georgian Designers You Need To Know

Video: 5 Young Georgian Designers You Need To Know
Video: 5 Japanese Designers You MUST Know if You Love Fashion 2023, March

Georgian designers are a special phenomenon on the fashion map of the world. And Fashion Week in Tbilisi is an event that all top glossy magazines follow without a break. Combined with the special national flavor of this beloved country, Tbilisi becomes an unambiguous must visit during Fashion Week. We go to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi from October 30 to November 4 and invite you with us! Together we will be at the forefront of the shows of these and many other talented and distinctive Georgian designers.

You can join us by leaving a request on the link.

Le Mocassin Zippe

@sukhishvilebiofficial girls at #lemocassinzippe presentation in Tbilisi @mbfashionweektbilisi Style by @marionjolivet Rugs @leorydelljost Set @rooms_design_ @mariamsitchinava

234 Likes, 4 Comments - Ketevane Maissai (@le_mocassin_zippe) on Instagram: "@sukhishvilebiofficial girls at #lemocassinzippe presentation in Tbilisi @ mbfashionweektbilisi …"

The founder of the brand, Ketevan Maissaia, has already worked at Hermès, Maison Martin Margiel and Loewe, and now she is working as the creative director for accessories at BottegVeneta. However, this does not prevent her from developing her own footwear brand, which is successfully sold in boutiques around the world. Ketevan decided to combine French leather with a special technique of sewing leather products, which Georgia is famous for. From such a collaboration came her shoes - a mixture of Georgian culture, Western perception and the post-Soviet way of life. Her lovebird moccasins have already become cult and recognizable all over the world. For me, the idea of zipping a pair of shoes together is more than just easy storage and transport - I think this is a reference to two halves that love each other.

Ketevan's entire production is hand-made, in her small studio in Tbilisi it takes about 4 days to create one pair.


'WHITE BAT SLEEVE SHIRT' FROM FW 2019 NOW AVAILABLE ON @ssense @situationist_official

176 Likes, 2 Comments - SITUATIONIST (@situationist_official) on Instagram: "'WHITE BAT SLEEVE SHIRT' FROM FW 2019 NOW AVAILABLE ON @ssense @situationist_official"

A young Georgian designer, Irakli Rusadze, named his brand based on his passion for the philosophy of situationism, which conveys rather radical political ideas. Hence the support for the brand's gender ambivalence. Irakli's clothes are complex cut and very high quality. In his collections, you can often find references to the history of Georgia, to traditional silhouettes and details.

By the way, initially, Heraclius was often compared with Demna Gvasalia (who else?), But now it is already obvious that this comparison is not appropriate. In Situationist products, proportions are not distorted, there is no carelessness in the cut, and the brand does not chase hype.

An important fact, Irakli Rusadze is a self-taught designer, from the age of 14 he learned to work with fabric and cut from various tailors and in ateliers, but did not go to get an education, preferred theory to practice.

Sofio gongli

My Knitwear and Jewelry Style: @ aka.prodiashvili Photo: @louisa_s MUA: @atoduModels: @quintessennce Special thanks to @echichua

1,293 Likes, 36 Comments - Sofio Gongli (@sophogongliashvili) on Instagram: "My Knitwear and Jewelry Style: @ aka.prodiashvili Photo: @louisa_s MUA: @atoduModels:…"

Jewelry is my big weakness, and, of course, I cannot pass by the Sopho Gonliashvili brand, which makes its products in the ancient Georgian technique of cloisonné enamel. It takes at least a week to make one piece! Each of her collections is a separate story, and each piece deserves to be placed in a museum. By the way, even Sopo's house looks like a family museum, she collects various interior details and even decorates furniture and mirrors herself. At home, the artist's holy of holies is located - her workshop, where all the brand's jewelry is produced. And besides the team of professional craftsmen, her three daughters are the main assistants in creating jewelry.

By the way, recently Sopho also has knitted clothes - as bright as her jewelry.



92 Likes, 1 Comments - TATUN (@tatuna_official) on Instagram: "TATUNAW19 / 20 MBFASHIONWEEKTBILISI"

Tatuna is a must-see designer at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Her collections are always characterized by extraordinary patterns, luxurious fabrics, minimalistic lines and unusual silhouettes. And, by the way, the uniform of the employees of the beloved Rooms hotel is also the work of Tatuna. This year the brand has already celebrated its 16th anniversary, and from a small workshop it has grown into a whole mansion in Tbilisi, from where TatunNikolaishvili items are distributed all over the world.

I like that at the heart of every Tatuna collection there is some special conceptual idea that needs to be solved. This year the presentation of the brand will take place in the new IERI concept store in Tbilisi, whose creative director is Anka Tsitsishvili. I can't wait to visit it myself!


#mood Our creative director @ketevan_kherkheulidze wearing @muzaradi_official X @sophogongliashvili #italy #exclusively Available in @ieri_store

122 Likes, 0 Comments - MUZRDI (@muzaradi_official) on Instagram: "#mood Our creative director @ketevan_kherkheulidze wearing @muzaradi_official X …"

Brand designer Ketevan Kherkheulidze breathed new life into military chain mail, rethinking it into a fashionable headdress. The very name of the brand “muzaradi” in Georgian means “warrior's helmet”, such as was worn by ancient Georgians. And now it is also knitted hats with the family coat of arms. The brand also has my favorite and already recognizable hoodies, which now also exist in rich colors and floral prints.

Photo: Instagram

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